Vieux gréement La Recouvrance en rade de Brest


Heading for the Iroise

phare de Saint-Mathieu à l'arrière-plan champ de fleurs au premier plan

A natural iodine destination

From lighthouses to islands

Blancs Sablons beach in Le Conquet


Your summer beaches

Port de l'île de Molène, petites barques, eau claire, goélands


Approaching the islands

La Récré des 3 curés


Discover the heart of the country

vélo route côtière landunvez


Iroise by bike

Brittany Hold to travel
Vieux gréement La Recouvrance en rade de Brest
(c) Mathieu Rivrin
Iroise from lighthouse to island

A path of incredible discoveries!

phare de Saint-Mathieu à l'arrière-plan champ de fleurs au premier plan
(c) Mathieu Rivrin

At the heart of "La Route des Phares" (The Lighthouse Route)

Beaches, peninsulas, rocky points and dunes stretch along 90 kilometers of coastline along the GR®34. An opportunity to visit our landmark monuments! The Saint-Mathieu lighthouse, the Kermorvan lighthouse and the Trézien lighthouse welcome you all year round.

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Kermorvan lighthouse in Iroise
Saint-Mathieu lighthouse
Phare du Four Tourist route
Le Four lighthouse in Porspoder
On foot, by bike!

Take time to discover Iroise

Take your time, alone or with your family, to face the elements, nature and the many curiosities of the Iroise.

Between two lighthouses, between two beaches, discover FFR-marked hiking trails, mountain bike or bicycle circuits, and for the more experienced, explore the Iroise along the GR® 34 or the Littorale V45.


Iroise in 8 ports of call

Approaching the islands

Discover the islands and peninsulas of the Iroise via the coastal path or by boat to the islands of Molène and Ouessant.

A day on the island of Molène
Molène Island
(c) Franck Gicquiaud

Your summer beaches

Blancs Sablons beach in Le Conquet
©Franck Gicquiaud

The beaches of Iroise

39 beaches of fine, white or golden sand, bordered by dunes or cliffs, dot the Iroise. Some are unmissable, others more secretive... Since the first therapeutic sea baths, the beach has been liberating and good for you! Ideal for lounging, swimming and playing in the sand, the beach is also the starting point for your water sports activities! Sailing, surfing and kitesurfing schools, as well as kayak and paddles for hire, promise you a relaxing time at sea.

Top beaches
Trez Hir beach
Trez Hir beach in Plougonvelin
Trégana Beach
Trégana beach in Locmaria-Plouzané


Sea garden, introduction to windsurfing, catamaran, wing foil... The Pays d'Iroise nautical centers offer a wide range of courses accessible to all.

Nautical courses
A smiling young girl sails an Optimist on a turquoise sea.
Mathieu Le Gall
The islands of Molène and Ouessant

Stroll and breathe

Port de l'île de Molène, petites barques, eau claire, goélands
(c) Mathieu Rivrin
The Molène Archipelago
Ready for the crossing?

All aboard for Molène and Ouessant

Around 15 kilometers from the coast, Molène is the main island of an archipelago of the same name, which includes some twenty islets. The nine main islets are Bannec, Balanec, Quéménes, Litiry, Trielen, Beniguet and Morgol.

Separated from the Molène archipelago by the Fromveur Passage, Ouessant is the largest and most westerly of the Finistère islands.

The area's particularly hostile environment makes it one of the best-lit regions in the world. There are no fewer than 10 lighthouses in the area, representing a priceless cultural heritage.

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Ouessant and Molène islands
View of Ushant Island
Créac'h lighthouse, Ushant

La Récré des 3 curés

La Récré des 3 curés
La Récré des 3 Curés
Vibrate in the heart of Iroise

Le plus grand parc d'attractions de Bretagne

Niché dans la campagne de Milizac à 10 minutes de Brest, La Récré des 3 Curés offre 17 hectares de parc arboré, des attractions à sensations pour toute la famille et chaque année, des nouveautés !

La Récré des 3 Curés

Saint-Renan, one of France's most beautiful detours

On Saturday mornings, head to the medieval town of Saint-Renan to discover its historic circuit and Finistère's biggest market. Your senses will be awakened! In all seasons, stroll along the shores of the lakes and watch the vegetation change color.

La place du Vieux Marché à Saint-Renan

The Kerloas menhir

Did you know? The tallest standing menhir in the world is Kerloas, in Plouarzel. It measures 9.50m above ground level. Impressive!

Bike tour
Kerloas menhir in Plouarzel
The Kerloas menhir, the highest in the world.

Coastal roads are yours

vélo route côtière landunvez
(c) Emmanuel Berthier
Wind in your hair

Go along the sea

Fancy a road trip? Take our coastal roads along the Iroise Sea, its waves and reefs. The wow factor is guaranteed!

Our coastal roads

The V45 coastal cycle route

The V45 Littoral cycle route takes you from the Pays des Abers to Brest, via the Iroise. This cycle route runs along several stretches of coastline, offering not only charming landscapes, but also a rich heritage of lighthouses.

Véloroute Littorale V45 in Iroise
(c) Emmanuel Berthier

Our bike tours

4 soft mobility circuits adapted to road bikes will help you stay in shape while discovering the many facets of our region.

Our bike tours
Pointe Saint-Mathieu coastal cycling route
(c) Emmanuel Berthier
Iroise Bretagne: from lighthouses to islands

The naturally iodized destination

The extreme tip of Finistère, facing the Molène archipelago and the island of Ouessant, Iroise, with its evocative names such as Le Conquet, Portsall and Pointe Saint-Mathieu, is a concentrate of Brittany: hiking on the GR® 34, lighthouse visits, sandy beaches, island escapades and intense emotions await you at the end of the world.

Intense & wild

Le Conquet, la pointe Saint-Mathieu, Portsall, Ouessant... With the rhythm of the seasons, you can breathe in the Iroise and expose yourself to the elements. Feel, observe and touch at your fingertips the precious nature that surrounds us, and discover unspoilt sites, cultural and leisure areas, and a wide choice ofwater sports, leisure and sportingactivities.

Your inspiration in Iroise

Découvrir la pointe de Corsen

En roue libre

Walking the GR® 34

Riding the wave

degemer mat
Enjoy your stay in Iroise

On the Iroise at the moment? Whether you're a visitor or a local... Here are some good addresses and ideas for activities to help you make the most of the moment.

Discover the end of the world, closer and more accessible than you can imagine!

The extreme tip of Brittany, the Iroise offers wide-open spaces and a promising horizon: here, the days stretch on forever, with magnificent sunsets. So you can wander from lighthouse to island along the coast between cliffs and sandy beaches. And take refuge inland when the wind blows hard. Enjoy your stay!

Map of the area