Waterside stroll in Portsall


In the rain

The sky isn't always blue in Iroise, and we like it that way: with its changing lights, dark clouds, the "glaz*" color of the sea, the drizzle that makes its meadows so green, and the showers without which there would be no rainbow. Whether we opt for an outing in boots and oilskins, a nautical activity or a sheltered visit, rain could well become our ally.
*Breton word for the shade between blue and green.

a feast for the eyes

The seaside


A walk along the GR©34 or a drive along our coastal roads will allow you to admire the waves and colors of the Iroise Sea, changing and all the more surprising for being so rare on glossy paper. Take the Landunvez tourist route, for example. 

The tip of Corsen under a gray sky, sea glaz
(c) Les Galets Bleus

on and under water

Nautical activities

Surfing, wakeboarding, diving...

Is it raining? Let's get in the water! Equipped with a wetsuit, we can surf, kayak or row in any season.

Wakeboard Wakepark Advance Ride
(c) Wakepark Advance Ride



What to see and do when it rains

Museums, monuments and other covered places welcome us for vacations punctuated by the color of the sky. Whatever happens, we adapt! It's very difficult to know for sure what the weather will be like tomorrow. 

Artists and craftspeople open up their world to you in the intimacy of their studios.

Morinay Gallery
Pottery Béatrice Lefeuvre