Iroise by bike


Iroise by bike

 "A marvelous vehicle that gives man the speed of the horse" and "has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world!" it was said of the bicycle shortly after its invention in the 1860s. Synonymous with freedom, balance and now ecomobility, the bicycle is more popular than ever! With a wide choice of itineraries, you'll be able to take it easy and discover our nuggets off the main roads.

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Iroise, a land of bicycles

Saddle up!

With its rural and coastal roads, its landscapes that reward effort and its associative clubs, the Iroise is undoubtedly a land of cycling. In summer and winter alike, pelotons and solo cyclists share space with motorists, while hikers and mountain bikers cross paths in the hollows. So, saddle up?

Two young women cycling near Saint Samson's chapel, on the Landunvez tourist route


The V45 coastal cycle route

Drive along the sea on the lighthouse route

The V45 Littoral cycle route takes you from the Pays des Abers to Brest, via the Iroise. This cycle route runs along several stretches of coastline, offering not only charming scenery but also a rich heritage of lighthouses. To help you plan your itinerary, here's the 6-day V45 route and a selection of accommodation.

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The V45 coastal cycle route in 6 stages

Discover the extreme tip of Brittany to the west of Brest by following the coast for over 100 km. Take a deep breath! You're in Iroise. 


To each his own,

to each his own

Fancy an easy seaside walk, rich in views and conducive to rejuvenation? If so, opt for the Ar mor circuit, "the sea" in Breton, which hugs the wild coastline of the Pays d'Iroise from Porspoder to Portsall, passing through the charming port of Argenton. If you're looking for a sporty circuit on hilly roads between countryside and coastline, opt for the Al lenn circuit: "the wind", in Breton, will take you to the highest point of the Pays d'Iroise during a 29 km ride. 


Between land and sea

4 soft mobility circuits adapted to road bikes will help you stay in shape while discovering the many facets of our region.
* Ar mor circuit on the wild coast between Porspoder and Portall
* An envor circuit in Plougonvelin between Trez Hir and Pointe Saint-Mathieu
* An avel circuit in Plouarzel between the Kerloas menhir and Pointe de Corsen
* Al lenn circuit (2 loops) in the green lung of the Iroise between Saint Renan, Milizac-Guipronvel and Lanrivoaré.
All our digitized circuits are available here.


Rent a bike

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, looking for a family outing or a day out with friends, we have a wide choice of circuits to guide you to the treasures of our heritage. But first, are you well equipped? 9 rental outlets for VTC, VTT and Vélos à Assistance Electrique (electrically-assisted bicycles) welcome you, including our tourist information offices in Le Conquet, Plougonvelin, Plouarzel and Ploudalmézeau (village and Portall).


Ushant Island

Wind in your hair

With a surface area of 15 km2, crossed by small roads leading to exceptional sites, the island of Ouessant can be visited by bike as soon as you step off the boat. As you cycle around this mythical island, surrounded by cliffs and lighthouses, you'll feel as if you're pedaling on the Iroise Sea, far from the mainland.

Cycling in Ushant
Emmanuel Berthier


Rent a bike in Ushant

When you book your crossing, don't forget to reserve your classic or electrically-assisted bike! Several rental companies are available.

Mountain biking


Mountain biking in Iroise

Prefer dirt roads in the heart of nature? There are 18 mountain bike trails to suit all tastes. A topoguide is on sale at our tourist information offices. You can also download them from our website!