Landunvez coastal cycling route


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Fancy a road trip? Take our coastal roads along the Iroise Sea, its waves and reefs. The wow factor is guaranteed!


The Landunvez tourist route from Penfoul to Trémazan

We'd love it to never end: the Landunvez tourist route is 5 kilometers of ecstatic coastline with grandiose rocks and a sea that commands respect. The Four lighthouse stands tall in the open sea , evenwhen the waves are breaking. The Saint-Samson chapel, isolated on the moor, invites you to take a break. Sit down on a rock with your hair blowing in the wind: time for contemplation.

Landunvez cycling route
Emmanuel Berthier
Coastal cycle route from Corsen to Porscave
(c)Arnaud Dubois


The tourist route at the end of the world from Corsen to Porscave

From the pointe de Corsen to Porscave, discover a coastline that changes from beach to beach: from the most westerly point, topped by high cliffs, to the port of Porscave at the entrance to the aber Ildut, you'll see a sandy coastline, lined with dunes and rocks. The Beg ar Vir peninsula awaits you for an iodine-filled interlude on foot, among the seaweed kilns that bear witness to a rich past, up to the orientation table facing the Molène archipelago. The last few kilometers along the Milin an aod cove are breathtaking.


Coastal road from Illien beach to Pointe Saint-Mathieu

From Illien beach in Ploumoguer, head for the Blancs Sablons beach: the view is dazzling! Has Le Conquet won your heart? Hold on tight, there's more to come. Now it's off to Pointe Saint-Mathieu along a road that follows the coastline. Drive slowly: the jagged cliffs, the Iroise Sea and the silhouette of the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse make for a breathtaking sight.    

Saint Mathieu coastal cycling route


The V45 coastal cycle route

Drive along the sea on the lighthouse route

The V45 Littoral cycle route takes you from the Pays des Abers to Brest, via the Iroise. This cycle route runs along several stretches of coastline, offering not only charming landscapes, but also a rich heritage of lighthouses. 


Cycling loops

Three cycling circuits open the doors to the open sea. With your hair blowing in the wind, discover a preserved coastline where the air is invigorating. Take a deep breath!


Storm in the Iroise Sea

A breathtaking spectacle

Storms are frequent in winter, and when the sea gets rough, spectators flock to sit facing the wind to feel the force of the elements. Coastal roads offer optimal, safe vantage points. Make way for the thrill!

Stormy Furnace Lighthouse
©Franck Gicquiaud