Jument lighthouse from Ouessant


A day on Ushant

The windswept island of Ouessant is one of Brittany's most mythical islands. Take a day trip to Ouessant from Iroise! Situated 25 km from the coast, Ouessant is the westernmost island of mainland France. You'll discover a small, sparsely populated Ireland. Most of life is concentrated around the church in the village of Lampaul. The Ouessant recipe: crocheted curtains, blue shutters, Ouessant weathervanes, dry-stone walls, black sheep, windmills, lighthouses...

Le Fromveur from Le Conquet

Sentinel Island

Getting to Ouessant

Leaving from Le Conquet or Lanildut

Ouessant, or the island at the end of the world, is also nicknamed Sentinel Island.

This Breton island is accessible all year round from the port of Le Conquet. The Penn Ar Bed company runs a daily service in summer and winter. You can take your bike with you on certain boats, but only from Le Conquet. From May onwards, the Finist'mer company offers additional boats departing from Le Conquet and the port of Lanildut.


How to get to Ushant

Two shipping companies operate from Le Conquet and Lanildut. Take to the open sea!


Parking in Le Conquet

Le stationnement gratuit dans le centre-ville du Conquet est limité à 4 heures. Pour une escapade à la journée sur l’île d’Ouessant, vous pouvez stationner votre véhicule sur un parking payant proche de l’embarcadère, sur réservation. Des aires de stationnement gratuit sont également à votre disposition à 30 minutes de marche de l’embarcadère.


Port de Lampaul- kayak - ouessant


This year, we chose to take the shuttle bus from Lanildut. It was really convenient, the parking is free and it's a 3-minute walk from the pier, and it only took us 45 minutes to get to Ouessant!

Créac'h lighthouse - Ushant


Le Stiff

Port of arrival in Ouessant

Vous débarquerez au port du Stiff entouré de hautes falaises sombres. À cette heure-là, le port fourmille, effervescence passagère avant de retrouver le calme sur les chemins. Sur le port, taxi, car, navettes, loueurs de vélos et de voitures vous attendent. 

The village of Lampaul is just over 4 kilometers away. A bus service departs from the port of Le Stiff to transport passengers (no reservation required, fares: 2.50 euros each way, 5 euros return). It will drop you off near the church in the village, where you'll find all amenities.

Why not climb to the island's highest point? At 63 metres above sea level, the Stiff lighthouse overlooks the port. From here, you can see the island of Ouessant, its bell tower and its 5 lighthouses.


Hiking in Ouessant

On the coastal path

The tour of the island is 38 km long and is exclusively for pedestrians. Gorse, heather, rough grass, cliffs, jagged coastline, lighthouses, windmills, sandy beaches, dry stone walls, black sheep... So much natural and cultural heritage to discover! For day trips, you can choose from four hiking itineraries certified by the French Hiking Federation. 

The wild coast of Ouessant


Visit Ushant by bike

To make the most of your day

Cycling is an excellent way to discover the island, using the roads and byways that criss-cross it to get from one point to another in no time. You can also bring your own bike. Some boats allow you to do so, so ask when you buy your tickets. However, if you're taking a day trip, it's cheaper to rent a bike on site.

Cycling in Ushant


Guided tour of Ushant Island

By minibus

For those who don't want to miss a thing! Here's the ideal formula: in an 8-seater minibus or 15- or 30-seater minibus, you'll be picked up on arrival at the port for the whole day. You'll discover a wild and mysterious island alongside local guides. 

Ushant, the sentinel island

It's GONE!

Visiter Ouessant à vélo ou en bus

Avant de réserver votre traversée en bateau, pensez à organiser votre journée à Ouessant en contactant les loueurs de vélos ou guides locaux présents sur l’île. Les conseillers de l’Office de Tourisme sont à votre disposition pour vous accompagner ! 

Créac'h lighthouse - Ushant


Ushant lighthouses

The island of five lighthouses!

Ouessant is surrounded by five lighthouses, two of which are at sea: the Jument and Kéréon lighthouses. The Stiff lighthouse, the oldest, dominates the island. The Creac'h lighthouse, the most powerful in Europe, will brighten up your evening strolls. If you're lucky enough to spend the night on Ouessant, I recommend a visit to the foot of the lighthouse. The spectacle is grandiose, with a mystical atmosphere as the beams sweep across the moor and the horizon.

The Ushantine speciality

There's no shortage of restaurants in season: crêperies, fast-food outlets and traditional restaurants. Out of season, it's best to find out which restaurants are open and make reservations before you go! The specialty here is lamb stew cooked under a mound. This cooking method owes its origins to one of the island's particularities: there are no trees, so no wood. The islanders replaced wood with clods of short grass and gorse. The stew was quietly stewed while they toiled in the fields.

Maison traditionnelle à Ouessant


Trouver un hébergement à Ouessant

L'Office de Tourisme de l'île d'Ouessant réunit sur son site internet une liste d'hôtels, de chambres d'hôtes, de gîtes... que vous pouvez contacter directement pour réserver vos nuitées. Bon séjour sur l'île d'Ouessant !

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