The turquoise sea along the GR34


Walking the GR®34

The GR®34 in Iroise has it all: 90 kilometers of coastal path, alternating cliffs, dunes, beaches and unspoiled spaces that go from point to point. Used to backpacking, we particularly liked this diversity! And the warm welcome of the locals. Here's our 7-day itinerary, which you can adapt as you wish, thanks to

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  • 7 days
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Rubber tips on walking poles are highly recommended to preserve trails, limit erosion accentuated by run-off water, and protect flora and fauna. Don't forget them!

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Distance table

To plan your itinerary knowing how many kilometers separate the coastal towns, consult the distance table.

©OT Iroise


Trégana Beach > Bertheaume Fort

A magnificent warm-up (5 km)

On arrival at Brest station, bus no. 11 takes us to Trégana beach in Locmaria-Plouzané, the starting point of our hike! We walk along three charming beaches, enlivened by the laughter and clatter of terrace cutlery, and then survey the first cliffs towards Plougonvelin: we're on the GR®34! Standing on its islet on the horizon, Fort de Bertheaume, designed by Vauban, awaits us.




Accommodation along the GR®34

Hotels, campsites, B&Bs, stopover gîtes...await you along the GR®34. Book your accommodation in advance for a worry-free hike. 

GR34 pointe Saint-Mathieu
©Thibault Poriel


Fort de Bertheaume > Le Conquet

Discover Pointe Saint-Mathieu (10 km)

Early in the morning, with the sun at our backs, we walk westwards over vertiginous cliffs: the view over the Iroise Sea, the Crozon peninsula and the Pointe du Raz is breathtaking! We reach the Pointe Saint-Mathieu site, a natural promontory on which the ruins of the Saint-Mathieu de Fine-Terre abbey and the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse invite us to take a contemplative break...


Saint-Mathieu Lighthouse
Emmanuel Berthier
Kermorvan island lighthouse
©Franck Gicquiaud


Le Conquet > pointe de Corsen

Aux portes du paradis (11 km)

We discover the charming port of Le Conquet, with its singular architecture, old mansions and shopping center. The Presqu'île de Kermorvan is a veritable natural liner jutting out into the sea, with its lighthouse, which we've already seen somewhere, probably in a photo! We then make our way quietly up to the large Blancs Sablons beach and its dune massif, before reaching the Kerhornou beach in Ploumoguer, a well-kept secret that's home to some nuggets.

NB: until spring 2024, for the safety of hikers, access to Illien beach is closed due to construction work.

Îlien Ploumoguer
©Franck Gicquiaud


Hiking and walking

Between land and sea

The Iroise region is dotted with 35 hiking trails, 20 of which run along the GR® 34! These loops, averaging 10 km in length, reveal our maritime landscapes and the riches of the Iroise: chapels, fountains, wash-houses... These circuits, and their GPX* tracings, are available to download free of charge. A topoguide and randofiches published by the Fédération Française de Randonnée are available from the Tourist Office. 

Hiking trails

*GPX Tracers: instructions for use

There's an alternative to the paper hiking map: the GPX trail. This trail allows you to view the circuit free of charge on a smartphone and be guided by geolocation. Instructions for use :

  • Install a free GPX track reader on your smartphone, such as the GPX Viewer application (available on Android and iOS).
  • On the website www.iroise-bretagne / Hiking section, download the GPX route you wish to take. It will automatically open in the GPX Viewer application.
  • The application displays an interactive map, the key stages of the route and a moving point corresponding to your position. Let geolocation guide you along the route!

NB: once the GPX trail has been downloaded, the reader works without an Internet connection.


Pointe de Corsen > Porspaul

Nature and heritage (11 km)

We're definitely at the end of the world! The coastline here takes on exotic accents: at Corsen Point, among the cliffs, a turquoise sea stirs the white sand. Along the way, we see the Cross Corsen, the Trézien lighthouse and the Molène archipelago. This evening, we'll be admiring the sunset over the sea: the day ends here, when the ballet of the lighthouses begins.

Corsen Point
©Franck Gicquiaud
Four à Goémon in Lampaul-Plouarzel
©Franck Gicquiaud


Porspaul > Aber Ildut

Nature & heritage (12 km)

As you move towards Lampaul-Plouarzel, the cliffs give way to gentle dune landscapes. Two small harbours - Porspaul and Porscave - and ancient seaweed kilns among the vegetation bear witness to the long maritime history of this area. Then, via the charming cove of Milin Aod, we reach the tree-lined, welcoming south shore of the Aber Ildut. At high tide, this valley is filled with poetry.

Aber Ildut Lanildut
©Franck Gicquiaud


The Penguin Route

Hiking on the GR®34, accommodation included.

From Carantec to Brest, via the islands of Molène and Ouessant, the 15 gîtes and hotel-restaurants of the Route des Pingouins in North Finistère offer you the opportunity to hike the GR®34 in complete peace of mind. In Iroise, from Porspoder to the Molène archipelago, via the Château de Kergroadez in Brélès, take advantage of this innovative offer.


Route des Pingouins


Aber Ildut > Porspoder

Open spaces (12 km)

The north shore of the Aber Ildut takes us to Lanildut, Europe's leading seaweed harbour with a remarkable heritage. We then head up the coast to Porspoder, visiting Melon Island and its dolmen, accessible on foot at low tide. Here we follow a sea dotted with reefs, battered by storms in winter and dominated by the Four lighthouse. The Presqu'île Saint-Laurent is well worth the detour.

Saint-Laurent peninsula
Phare du Four Tourist route
©Colin Leroy


Porspoder > Portsall

Côte sauvage (13 km)

This last stop on the wild coast lights up our stay! Here, the waters of the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean mingle to create a colorful spectacle. Along the way, we discover the Penfoul cove in Landunvez, the secluded Saint-Samson chapel by the sea, before reaching Portsall and its lagoon.
On the last day (D8), we return to Brest by bus (line 14).

Tremazan harbour
Mathieu Rivrin

The little extra

Getting around without your car

If you want to get around Iroise without a car, there's plenty to choose from! Coastal shuttle in summer, bus, walking, cycling, cab or car-sharing ( Don't hesitate to ask us for advice!

Coastal shuttle


The Coastal Shuttle

Handy for hiking the GR®34!

From July 1 to August 31, 2024, the Navette du littoral (Coastal Shuttle) will serve all the towns along the coastline, making it easy to start your hike 10 kilometers from your gîte and return home on foot.