Saint Renan market


Saint Renan market, the biggest in Finistère!

We'll take you on a journey through the smells and tastes of the Saint Renan market on Saturday mornings, right in the heart of the historic town!

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  • 3h30
Saint Renan market
©Thibault Poriel


In the heart of the old town of Saint Renan

Awakening the senses

We often start with the fruit and vegetable stalls. What I love about the market is that you follow the seasons. Every year, with the first rays of sunshine, comes the first garigettes, asparagus and new vegetables. In summer, melons, tomatoes and peppers promise sunny salads. In winter, we warm up with stews and homemade soups.

As a family, we decide on the week's dishes and choose the produce together. We let ourselves be guided by the advice of our favorite market gardener, who doesn't hesitate to slip in a little recipe from time to time!

Saint Renan market


From boat to plate

Extra-fresh seafood

If there's one essential ingredient in Breton gastronomy, it's seafood. The proximity of the coast and fishing ports means that fish and shellfish are as fresh as can be.

At the market, fishermen, boots on, haul the night's catch out of the truck. In the crates, wriggling langoustines rub shoulders with bright-eyed mackerel and fleshy spider crabs. All this makes our mouths water! At home tonight, it's shrimp for the aperitif, and as the season begins, a huge dish of mussels to share.


Did you know?

Like vegetables, fish and seafood also have a season! If you can't find oysters, it's simply because it's not the right time. Trust your local shopkeeper to guide you towards the best seasonal products!

Bilig pancake


Diving into gastronomy

Local produce from North Finistère

Our market tour necessarily includes a visit to the "lichous" ("gourmet" in Breton) stalls. We let ourselves be guided by the delicious smell of butter and crepes browning on the bilig. Buckwheat and wheat: two dozen join our basket and will be on the weekend menu. We can't resist treating ourselves to a little "butter-sugar", which we enjoy, warm and dripping with butter, as we walk along. So good!

And don't forget the delicatessen products: honey, local seaweed tartar, cheeses... Many local producers in and around Saint Renan come to the Saturday morning market or offer direct farm sales.

Another scent tingles our nostrils: that of Kig Ha Farz from the delicatessen stand next door. The stall attracts both regulars and the first tourists arriving at the start of the summer season. 4 slices to take away for lunch!

Kig ha farz


Léon is the region in northern Brittany where Kig Ha Farz originated. This Breton pot-au-feu, made with meats, vegetables and, above all, black and white "fars", is in the pure tradition of Breton gastronomy.


A walk in Saint Renan

Market day

Sometimes we take advantage of market day in Saint Renan to take a stroll around the medieval town. Get lost in the narrow streets, go and see an exhibition in the Place du Grand Marché or simply enjoy the peace and quiet by the lake... Saint Renan is a town where it's good to stroll in any season!

©Thibault Poriel

Historical tour

Follow the hoofprints! The discovery trail retraces the history of the medieval town. Half-timbered houses, polychrome grotesques and dormer windows with sculpted pediments lurk around every corner!

Saint Renan
©Thibault Poriel


Enjoy the authentic charm of the old town

Saint Renan

Before heading back to our bikes, we relax on the terrace with a glass of local apple juice for the kids, and a craft beer for the grown-ups. It's not unusual to be joined by friends we've met at a market stall. Occasionally, a live band performs in the square, adding a festive touch to the occasion.




Rediscover the charm of Saint Renan and discover local flavours thanks to the Tourist Office's local producer partners!

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Farm markets

Come and meet the small producers and leave with everything you need to prepare delicious meals at the gîte.