Heading for the Iroise

2024, a year under the sign of the sea, gliding and sailing, with some great highlights: the Fêtes Maritimes de Brest, the Olympic Games and the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. An opportunity to look out together in the same direction, to the horizon from this beautiful balcony that is the Iroise.


Maritime and sports year

Iroise on the front line

It's the call of Brittany: from the cliffs of Déolen to the dunes of Tréompan, l'Iroise welcomes you 20 minutes from Brest to one of the most beautiful balconies on the Breton coast, facing Ouessant, the Molène archipelago and the Crozon peninsula.

Arkea Ultim Challenge

offshore races

Single-handed circumnavigation

From Brest
When the Arkea Ultim Challenge skippers return on February 26, come and cheer them on at Pointe Saint-Mathieu, Fort de Bertheaume or along the Locmaria-Plouzané coastline. 

high point

Brest Maritime Festival

July 12 to 17, 2024

For the eighth edition, the Fêtes Maritimes de Brest will bring together over a thousand boats from all over the world, including traditional sailing ships, state vessels, scientific vessels, foreign flotillas... for 6 days of festivities that will give everyone the sailing bug. 

(c) Ronan Gladu


June 7, the flame in Brest

Mark your calendars: the Olympic flame will be passing through Brest on June 7. And on the following day, sailor Armel Le Cléac'h will take the Olympic flame from Brest to the West Indies. Don't miss the start of this Relais des Océans!

Tour du Finistère à la voile 2024


Sailing around Finistère

Stopover in Lanildut on July 30

Organized by the Comité départemental de voile and supported by the Département du Finistère, the 38th edition of the Tour du Finistère à la voile will take place from July 29 to August 3, 2024.

This 100-boat regatta will call at Lanildut on July 30. Live the event!

all on the water

It's your turn to navigate

Water sports

Do you dream of being at the helm? Introducing yourself to an Olympic sport like surfing or rowing? The Mer d'Iroise is the ideal place to start. Private lessons and courses are available all year round.

Nautisme en Pays d'Iroise
Saint-Mathieu lighthouse

maritime safety

Visit a lighthouse

Exceptional lookouts

Since the 19th century, numerous lighthouses have protected sailors from the currents and reefs of the Mer d'Iroise. The Saint-Mathieu lighthouse, the Kermorvan lighthouse and the Trézien lighthouse on the mainland, as well as the Stiff lighthouse on Ouessant, welcome visitors all year round on their walkways, revealing a clever system of signage. At the top of the steps, the view is worth the candle!

The lighthouses at sea - Les Pierres Noires, Kéréon, Ar Men, Le Four... - can be approached on guided boat excursions.


Le Four lighthouse turns 150

1874 - 2024

It symbolically separates the Atlantic Ocean from the English Channel. Firmly anchored in the open sea, the Four lighthouse has weathered every storm since it was built just 150 years ago! From Le Conquet or Lanildut, experienced guides will take you to the lighthouse.

Le Four lighthouse

Amoco Cadiz

Open 7/7 with free access, the L'Ancre an eor museum in Portsall presents the circumstances surrounding the 1978 sinking of the Amoco Cadiz, which caused one of the worst oil spills in history. One of the supertanker's anchors is on display in the harbour, pointing towards the wreck lying on the seabed 4 km from the port.


Le Conquet, Portsall, Lanildut

From port to port

In 10 stages, discover the main ports of the Iroise and the hustle and bustle that reigns on the quayside when fishing boats and seaweed harvesters return home. Fancy a fresh spider crab? Head for the boat's "arse" in Le Conquet, where you'll meet the fishermen who have inherited a long family tradition. Further north, Lanildut is Europe's leading seaweed port and the ideal place to watch the seaweed being unloaded. More confidential, the port of Mazou in Porspoder is one of the rare ports in Brittany to have preserved the wooden piles used to moor boats... Unforgettable.

The turquoise sea along the GR34
Gîtes de Quéménès


Find accommodation

The Tourist Office offers you an extensive catalog of accommodation - hotels, gîtes, B&Bs, campsites... - visited by us. Don't forget to book ahead!



Diving into the world of kelp

Seaweed House

The Iroise Sea is home to one of Europe's largest seaweed beds, with exceptional biodiversity thanks to waters churned by currents, shallow depths allowing light to penetrate, and rocky bottoms providing a foothold for kelp. Long renowned for their virtues, seaweed is used in an ever-growing variety of applications. Come to Lanildut and see how they are harvested! At the Maison de l'Algue, everything will be explained to you.


Diving in the Iroise Sea

First dives and introductory snorkeling courses will give you the keys to an unsuspected wealth of underwater treasures.

View of Ushant Island
Molène Island

from lighthouses to islands

Molène and Ouessant getaways

Leaving from Le Conquet or Lanildut, take a day trip to the bald island (Molène) or the island of five lighthouses (Ouessant) and come back refreshed.

We drop anchor...

from dream to reality

A walk in Treompan

Tréompan beach is a veritable nugget, with its vast expanse of white sand lapped by a turquoise sea. We dream of azure skies, and North Finistère has just what we need! 

Read the video about Tréompan beach in Ploudalmézeau, a large white sandy beach


Nature and heritage walks

Accompanied by a guide, discover the flora and fauna of our region. 

(c) Sébastien Delaunay


Tour de Bretagne

The big start and 1st stage in Iroise

On April 25, 2024, the Pays d'Iroise will play host to the1st stage of the Tour de Bretagne, a veritable celebration of Breton cycling that has gained international renown since 1967. Departing from Locmaria-Plouzané, the 25 teams will cover 146 kilometers to Pointe Saint-Mathieu, before leaving Milizac-Guipronvel the following day to race through the other départements to Dinan, the finishing town at the end of a 7-day race.

The start on April 25 will be at 1pm, on route de Pen ar Menez, in Locmaria-Plouzané. From 9:30 a.m., a start village will welcome spectators with stands and entertainment. Throughout the stage, which will take riders through 19 towns including Saint Renan, classified as one of France's Most Beautiful Detours, Portsall, the Landunvez coastal road, Le Conquet and the Pointe de Corsen, the race will be broadcast on a giant screen at the Pointe Saint-Mathieu. The finish at Pointe Saint-Mathieu, scheduled for around 4:30pm, will be preceded by 6 crossings of the line by the racers, the highlight of the show. The walkway around the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse will be a superb vantage point from which to admire the race!

80th anniversary of the Liberation


39/45 Memories Museum

The war as told by those who lived it

At Pointe Saint-Mathieu, a superb German command bunker restored by two passionate brothers brings together a rich collection of objects and eyewitness accounts that recreate the atmosphere of the war with rigor and emotion. A unique site.

Watch the video on Musée du Musée-Mémoires 39-45
39-45 Memories Museum

The Second World War has left lasting memories and material traces all over Iroise:

  • Running along the seafront from Pointe Saint-Mathieu, the Chemin de Mémoire (4 km) takes you past steles dedicated to missing sailors and the coastal remains of the famous Graf Spee Battery, to the large German command bunker that has become the Musée Mémoires 39-45.
  • Designed by Vauban to defend the Brest roadstead, Fort de Bertheaume was incorporated into the Atlantic Wall by the Wehrmacht, which installed cannons, mortars and machine guns.
  • From the Pointe du Grand Minou (Locmaria-Plouzané) to the Plage de Tréompan (Ploudalmézeau), via the Presqu'île de Kermorvan (Le Conquet), the presence of blockhouses will punctuate your discovery of the coastline. Inland, you'll also see them at Lochrist and Ploumoguer...
  • In Tréouergat, a stele pays tribute to the members of the Kergoff maquis, one of the largest in Finistère, which brought together almost 1,200 Resistance fighters.


Bertheaume Fort

A monument to discover

Incorporated into the Atlantic Wall by the German occupying forces, Fort de Bertheaume, designed by Vauban, offers a strategic position for history buffs and thrill-seekers alike! The adventure trail will be open from April 3. A medieval market will be held on May 11 and 12. Throughout the summer, the Fort will be open to the public 7 days a week, with a performance of the now-famous "Si Bertheaume m'était conté" every Wednesday evening.