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With your pet

We hope you enjoy your stay in Iroise with your dog or cat. There are plenty of activities on offer! As long as you take certain precautions. Here's how.


Pets welcome

Dog-friendly accommodation

More than a hundred accommodations accept dogs and cats in maritime or country settings. To find the perfect property, contact our team or consult the directory of accommodations in our network.

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On arrival at your vacation accommodation

Let the animal acclimatize and observe it to find its favorite spot. This is where he'll be able to stay briefly while you're away. Set up his basket and other belongings in this space, to reassure him.

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Beach access

Dogs are not allowed on Finistère beaches from June 1 to September 30. For the rest of the year, dogs on beaches must be kept on a leash to respect seabirds and nesting birds in particular.

Dogs on a walk at Corsen Point, photo break on the orientation table


Hiking with your dog

A wide choice of walks

Cani rando enthusiasts can choose from 35 hiking loops available in digital format or in the form of fact sheets from our tourist information offices. The coastal path and the GR du Pays d'Iroise, which crosses our inland landscapes, also offergreat opportunities for outings with friends.

When the weather's warm, you're more likely to head for Saint-Renan to tour the lakes, Tréouergat and its hedged farmland, or the wooded Aber Ildut. 

dog in front of Bertheaume fort

Think about it!

Before you set off, get yourself a poop bag. They're available free of charge throughout the region. Of course, keep the bag with you or dispose of it in a public garbage can after use.


What to see and do with your dog

Walks, island excursions, heritage visits... Many sites are accessible, provided you keep your pet on a leash for everyone's peace of mind.

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Entrusting your dog to a professional

An extensive range

In Iroise you'll find petsitters, pet cabs, dog trainers, groomers, fitness professionals, masseurs, educators, and even group cani randos!

Care needs?

  • Clinique vétérinaire des Hortensias: 4 rue du Pont de Bois, 29290 Saint-Renan, France
  • Clinique vétérinaire du Lac: 31 rue de la roche sur Foron, 29290 Saint-Renan, France
  • Clinique vétérinaire An Avel: 16 rue de Prat Meur, ZA Keruscat, 29830 Ploudalmézeau