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The art of relaxation

Away from the hustle and bustle, a wellness break at the start of your stay - yoga, skincare, massage... - helps to banish ruminations and leave worries behind. Offers in this area are innovative and varied. From sophro sessions to energy cuts, how do you find your way around? We explain.

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Recharge your batteries in Finistère

Relaxation and well-being

There are so many treatments on offer in Iroise, it's impossible to list them all! But to help you find the offer that's right for you, here are a few selected practices and explanations of their benefits. Because vacations are also about rest and serenity!



The spa

A once-in-a-lifetime test

Commonly known as Jacuzzi®, the spa is the stuff of dreams. It's a whirlpool bath providing massages in a pool of hot water at 33 / 35°C. The combined action of heat, hydromassage jets and weightlessness stimulates the production of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, and provides instant relaxation. This experience is no longer a luxury or a scene from a movie! Laquatic spaces are equipped with star hotels offer access to their spas to outside guests.


Where to find a spa?

Aquatic areas are equipped with spas, and star hotels offer one-hour access to outside guests. Here you'll also find saunas and steam rooms.

Marie-Jo Le Beux Sophrology session on the beach
(c) Marie-Jo Le Beux - Sophrology session at Trez Hir beach



A method that works

Sophrology is a relaxation method that uses breathing and positive visualization. It enables you to better manage tension, emotions and pain, and to improve your self-confidence, sleep quality, relationships with others, etc. In addition to individual consultations in the practice, sophrologists in Iroise offer group sessions on the beach. To try sophrology is to adopt it! 


Where can you discover sophrology?

Discover sophrology alongside experienced professionals who will give you advice you can apply on a daily basis. Yoga, combining meditation and physical exercises, is also offered in the form of à la carte sessions.

Cranial massage


Shirotchampi cranial massage

Ayurvedic medicine

Derived from Ayurvedic medicine, Shirotchampi has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It involves massaging the head, shoulders and neck to relieve tension and stress. "Shirot" means head and "champi" means massage. "Shirotchampi" is the origin of the word "shampoo". Where can you receive a Shirotchampi massage? In the wellness area of the hotel-restaurant Le Château de Sable.

Where to get a body massage and many other treatments?

Magic box
(c) La Boîte à Magie


The energy cut

Tried and tested

The energy cut offered at La Boîte à Magie salon in Plougonvelin is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It is performed on wet hair with a full-blade 7 cm "coupe chou" razor, like the 7 notes of music. The razor emits a vibration in your hair, hair follicle, scalp and throughout your body.

The benefits of vibratory cutting: it energizes hair, giving it tone and volume. It stimulates blood circulation and reduces hair loss. It releases tension, fear and stress... It relaxes the head and body.


And what about the children?

Some ideas for activities

Water sports, amusement parks, adventure courses or simply beach afternoons... Accompanied or not by an adult, your children will enjoy their activity while you take a relaxing break.