Wakeboarding in Saint-Renan (Advance Ride)

Heart of the country

Saint Renan, Lanrivoaré, Tréouergat, Milizac-Guipronvel

Welcome to the heart of the country! Every Saturday, Saint Renan hosts Finistère's biggest market. Listed as one of "Les Plus Beaux Détours de France" (France's most beautiful detours), the town boasts a rich heritage and a wide range of facilities to ensure you and your family have a great time. Not far away, the green lung of Iroise has other surprises in store for you: around a bend in the path, you'll come across a miraculous fountain, an ancient hermitage and Brittany's largest amusement park.

Saint-Renan market


Saint Renan market

At the Saint Renan market, the first thing you notice is the mouth-watering smells. Chickens slowly turning on the spit, pancake batter sizzling on the bilig, the savory aroma of roasted bacon...

Then there's the pleasure of strolling through the ancient streets, smelling, weighing, tasting and discovering the best that land and sea have to offer: monkfish, pollack landed at morning tide, spiders, crabs, fresh vegetables and fruit, Molène sausage, seaweed-smoked cheeses and the famous kig ha farz...


Kig ha farz and local produce

Take a seat on the terrace before continuing your shopping! Saint-Renan's many restaurants and boutiques are the perfect place to sample the famous Kig ha farz and other local specialties! 

Cardinal House


The Cardinal House

Saint Renan and its old stones

On the Place du Vieux Marché, the Maison Cardinal is a real eye-catcher, with its handsome half-timbering and cap-shaped gable, a rare example of 15th-century Léon architecture. 

Its facade features a frieze that only the most discerning walkers will see! Look up to discover sculpted faces representing, we're told, the seven deadly sins. Food for the imagination! What could have happened in this house...?


Saint Renan city tour

Guided or solo tours

From Place du Vieux Marché to Lac de Ty Colo, follow the tracks left on the ground by a horse's hooves. The town trail is punctuated by 13 enamelled lava panels (approx. 45 minutes / 2 km), revealing the town's history from the legend of Saint Ronan and the memory of the seneschalsea to the 70s, when Saint Renan was Europe's tin capital. 

Saint-Renan's historical route


Musée du Ponant and Cinéma Le Bretagne

At the Musée du Ponant, you'll plunge into the daily life of the Saint Renan of yesteryear, illustrated by objects, furniture and traditional costumes from the Bas-Léon region. Here, you'll also discover an exceptional engraved Gallic stele.

With 6 large-format open-air photo exhibitions and 5 covered galleries (photos, sculptures or themed exhibitions), wonder is around every corner. Tonight, why not catch a film at Cinéma Le Bretagne?

Mélanie Colin Cyanotype


Mélanie Colin's cyanotypes

Cyanotype is a photographic process which produces a Prussian blue, or cyan blue, print. Mélanie Colin, designer and nature lover, exhibits her work in Saint-Renan and offers workshops. Discover her work!


The 5 lakes of Saint Renan

between walks and sporting activities

The shady shores of the 5 lakes are a delight for strollers, walkers and joggers. For family fun, head to the Ty Colo lake, where a host of fun activities await you: wakeboarding, pedal boats, giant inflatables...

Lake Comiren is the perfect place to relax. The rich past of Saint Renan, the former European pewter capital, is revealed through large-format photos on display in the blue meadow. Nature lovers will be delighted by the lakes of Pontavénec, Tréoualen (Laverie) and Poulinoc. 


A little history...

The succession of lakes, so characteristic of the Renan landscape, are the marks left by tin mining. From 1960 to 1975, a large deposit was mined by the Compagnie Minière de Saint Renan (COMIREN), making the town one of Europe's tin capitals! Research has shown that, as far back as antiquity, Saint Renan's tin was exported to Mediterranean ports for the manufacture of bronze objects.


Water-skiing, inflatables, pedal boats...

The Ty Colo lake is an ideal place to have fun with friends. It's also the starting point for bike rides through the heart of the Pays d'Iroise. 


Exotic garden

For a zen break

The Jardin exotique de Saint Renan was originally an abandoned wetland, a veritable jungle just a stone's throw from the town center, before being developed in a small wooded valley where water is omnipresent and nature generous. Here, the air is calm and the horizon green: palms, bamboos, giant ferns and other species of the world clearly appreciate our climate! 

On PR 1 at Treouergat


Vibrate in the heart of Iroise

Between walks and hikes

Set back from the beaches in forested areas, discover an endearing Brittany that smells of wet grass. On foot, bike, mountain bike or even horseback, you may get lost despite the signposts, and it's with a beating heart that you'll look for a friendly tree! The locals will say hello before you do, so don't hesitate to ask them for advice to enrich your visit.

L'iroise à Cheval

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, Brittany's largest amusement park.


La Récré des 3 Curés

For a stunning day

Over 17 hectares, 40 attractions for all ages await you, from the quietest to the wildest. With family or friends, La Récré des 3 Curés is the ideal place to have fun in a beautiful country setting. You have the right to scream!

Récré des 3 Curés


The Saint-Ergat fountain


In Brittany, the cult of water comes from the depths of time, and a special atmosphere still reigns near these springs, which are consulted to heal ailments or foretell the future.

Up until the 1950s, young girls used to come to the Saint-Ergat fountain in Tréouergat to find out if they were going to get married within the year. They would throw a pin into the middle of the pool, and if it sank into the fountain's eye, it was a good sign.

The Saint-Hervé hermitage in Lanrivoaré


Guided tour

In the company of a local

Between old stones and hilly paths, Robert Treguer offers free themed tours of Tréouergat, where he has lived for many years. He is a member of the Greeters network, a group of local people who share their knowledge of the area, their witty anecdotes and their passion for the local culture they wish to perpetuate.

A stream surrounded by lush vegetation at Tréouergat
Keroudy Farm


Visit the Keroudy farm

The Keroudy farm in Milizac opens its doors to you for an authentic family visit. You'll pick up the cows in the field, the team will explain how they work, and introduce you to the cheese dairy. Finally, you can watch the cows being milked.


Saint-Hervé hermitage


In the shade of the poplar trees, this singular place still seems inhabited. The site of the Saint-Hervé hermitage, in Lanrivoaré, is home to the ruins of a chapel, a miraculous fountain and the cell that is said to have housed the Saint and his tamed wolf. 



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