Storm on the Phare du Four


At the heart of "La Route des Phares" (The Lighthouse Route)

The highest concentration of lighthouses in the world can be found in the Iroise Sea, so let yourself be guided!


The Lighthouse Route

There are 17 lighthouses in the Iroise that are lit up at night and sparkle, a magnificent sight.

La pointe Saint Mathieu


Saint-Mathieu lighthouse

After visiting Le Petit Minou in Brest harbor, head for Pointe Saint-Mathieu: standing on its rocky promontory, the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse is one of Finistère's not-to-be-missed landmarks! Alexandre, your guide, will welcome you at the top of the steps: you'll have a front-row seat to admire the Iroise Sea dotted with islands, reefs and sparks as night falls. Dazzling!

Phare des Pierres Noires en mer d'Iroise

Phare en mer

Pierres Noires lighthouse

Au large de la pointe Saint-Mathieu, le phare des Pierres Noires veille depuis 150 ans. Visible depuis le continent, il révèle les secrets de sa construction lors de balades en mer proposées au départ du Conquet et de Lanildut.


Kermorvan lighthouse

You should see how the locals talk about it! "Walking up to the Kermorvan lighthouse is already a bit like taking to the open sea. The Presqu'île juts out into the sea, offering magnificent views of the Molène archipelago, the Blancs Sablons cove, the port of Le Conquet and its ria. The lighthouse stands guard at the end of a rocky point bathed in currents. When I get there, I feel like I'm on the bow of a ship! Laura, conquétoise.
Since July 2022, the Kermorvan lighthouse has been open to visitors!

Kermorvan lighthouse


Discovering lighthouses at sea

From April to October, from Le Conquet, Archipel Excursions, Finist'mer Excursions and Balade dans le Parc Marin offer you an unforgettable boat trip to discover the lighthouses at sea. Once described as hell by their keepers, Les Pierres Noires, La Jument, Kéréon, Le Four, Ar Men... protect sailors day and night.

Trezien lighthouse


Trézien lighthouse

Book a bike at the Tourist Office to discover Plouarzel's maritime heritage: this mode of transport will give you wings! The climb begins at the Keramezec lookout, the highest point in the Pays d'Iroise, where green and blue merge. Then it's on to the Corsen headland and the Trézien lighthouse, from the top of which you can enjoy a 360° view of the surrounding countryside, France's most westerly point, the Chenal du Four and the Molène archipelago. Vertiginous!

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Opening times, guided tours, news... find all the practical information you need about the Iroise lighthouses and dive into the fascinating world of these granite giants by discovering the new website dedicated to them.


In France, CROSS (Centres régionaux opérationnels de surveillance et de sauvetage) monitor maritime navigation. Based at the Pointe de Corsen in Plouarzel, CROSS Corsen's surveillance coverage extends from Mont Saint-Michel to the Pointe de Penmarch. Working with the French Navy, the SNSM, the Gendarmerie, Maritime Affairs, Customs and Civil Security, it has four main missions: assistance and rescue at sea, navigation surveillance, particularly off the island of Ouessant, pollution surveillance and the search for vessels responsible for illegal discharges, and the collection and dissemination of navigation safety and meteorological warnings.


Stopover in Lanildut

On your way, stop off at Lanildut, home of the granite on which our lighthouses are built. After a visit to the House of Seaweed where you'll learn about the history of the seaweed harvest and the local maritime spirit, set sail for the Isle of Five Lighthouses (Ouessant), the Isle of Lifeguards (Molène), and the lighthouses at sea for an iodized escapade. Europe's leading seaweed port opens its doors to the open sea!

The heritage port of Lanildut


La Maison de l'Algue

Museographic space

La récolte des laminaires ? Une activité ancestrale et pleine d’avenir ! La Maison de l’Algue située au port, vous présente sa nouvelle muséographie et vous invite à des visites guidées et ateliers cuisine tout au long de l’année. 

Inside the Maison de l'Algue in Lanildut
Le Four lighthouse


Le Four lighthouse

Firmly anchored in the open sea, the Four lighthouse has weathered every storm since it was built just 150 years ago! Take a stroll along the Saint-Laurent peninsula, then cycle along the Landunvez tourist route. Did you know? Le Four symbolically separates the English Channel from the Atlantic Ocean.

Molène semaphore


Le sémaphore de l'île de Molène

Découvrez au sémaphore de Molène un espace interactif qui raconte le quotidien et les missions des guetteurs. Les missions de sauvetage, assurées par la SNSM, sont retracées d'hier à aujourd'hui et l'histoire du naufrage du steamer anglais, le Drummond Castle en 1896 y est également évoquée.


Lighthouse Route Ambassadors

Here you'll find those who speak, live and tell the story of lighthouses with passion: the Ambassadors of the Lighthouse Route!

phare de kereon en mer d'iroise près de l'île d'ouessant

phare en mer

Le phare de Kéréon

Érigé en mer en 1907 à 3 km au sud-est de l'île d'Ouessant, le phare de Kéréon est surnommé "le Palace" en raison de son plancher en marqueterie et de ses lambris en chêne de Hongrie. Son intérieur est exceptionnel ! Non visitable, on peut cependant l'approcher lors d'une excursion en mer au départ de l'île de Molène avec Archipel Excursions en partenariat avec la compagnie Penn ar Bed.


At the site of the Amoco Cadiz shipwreck in Portsall

Before seeing the lighthouse of Ile Vierge from the coast of Tréompan and visiting this giant in Plouguerneau, take the time to pause in the charming port of Portsall. Marked by the sinking of the Amoco Cadiz in 1978, it now houses a museographic space that retraces the circumstances of this disaster and the measures taken since then to reinforce maritime safety. Enlightening and moving.

Open all year round, 7 days a week with free access.

Anchor of the Amoco Cadiz at Portsall
Virgin Island lighthouse


Île Vierge lighthouse

In Plouguerneau, Pays des Abers, the lighthouse on Île Vierge stands 82 meters tall. It is the highest lighthouse in Europe. To visit the lighthouse, Les Vedettes des Abers offers a guided crossing to l'île Vierge.