Panoramic view of Molène


A day on the island of Molène

The island of Molène has it all: at the heart of the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise, it is the archipelago's main island, measuring 4 kilometers in circumference. There are no cars here, and as we wander around, we observe the seabirds in their element and learn about the history of the lifeguard island. Unforgettable!

Molène Island


The island of Molène

Where time stands still

Just 1h30 from Brest, Molène offers a charming pied-à-terre in the heart of the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise .The Le Conquet - Molène crossing takes half an hour, and there are no cars on the island: we wander around on foot, following our intuition and the 13 interpretation panels that reveal the history of the archipelago and its biodiversity.

We circumnavigate the island (4 km), accompanied all the way by the horizon, the sea and other islets frequented by numerous birds. Then we discover the village, and take time to sit on one of the harbour benches where a few fishermen are busy. 

transport to Molene

It's GONE!

Go to Molène

Leaving from Le Conquet or Lanildut

There are three ways to get to Molène:

  • Shuttles run all year round from Le Conquet or Brest ( Penn ar Bed company). 
  • De mai à septembre, la compagnie Finist’mer propose la traversée au départ de Lanildut.
  • During a tour of the archipelago by speedboat or RIB, you can disembark on the island for a few unforgettable hours.


Parking in Le Conquet

Free parking in downtown Le Conquet is limited to 4 hours. For a day trip to the Isle of Molène, there is paid parking close to the pier or served by a shuttle bus.


Molène, an island of fishermen

Guided or solo tours

The little port of Molène is the island's liveliest spot. Nestling between the Ledenez ("peninsula" in Breton) to the west and a pebble groove that opens up at low tide to the south, the port is sheltered from all but the most northeasterly winds. Fishing boats and pleasure craft share the water. Regularly scheduled shuttles from the mainland give rhythm to life on the island. Don't hesitate to take the time to sit on the bench facing the harbour and observe. The pleasure of simple things...

Molène Island
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On the islands as on the mainland, I collect my garbage because it's not the sea to drink.

COmmerces and services

Travel light

From passing through by boat to discovering the island in a semi-rigid, the island of Molène offers a well-stocked range of services: food, tobacconist, newsagent, crêperie...


Hiking or walking on Molène?

Between walks and sporting activities

Take a stroll through the narrow streets of this small village and discover the island's tranquility. There are very few vehicles here, and you may come across the island cab, a tractor or a wheelbarrow. Sheltered behind low dry-stone walls, you'll find small gardens. Molénais grow vegetables and flowers with great care. It's best to walk the 4 km around the island. You'll soon spot the burrows of the shy wild rabbits, the island's true invaders.

Biodiversity on the island of Molène
Molène semaphore

A little history...

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the lookouts by visiting the semaphore. Then relive the sinking of the Drummond Castle, a 110 m cruise liner sunk in 1896. This event left its mark on the island's history, and on the memories of the people of Molénais, Ouessantins and the Pays d'Iroise. The English cemetery, the cistern and the three-dial clock bear witness to the terrible shipwreck.

How do I get there?
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