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Trail en Iroise

Trail running in Iroise takes place on 6 signposted routes, where the iodized air galvanizes runners. All year round, nature races bring enthusiasts together. Come and try your hand at this sport, and why not prepare for the Trail du Bout du Monde!

About us

Like hiking, running and cycling, trail running can be practised independently. However, the proposals presented here are aimed at experienced trail runners who have been given a positive medical opinion for the activity. All participants are responsible for their own safety (hydration, sun protection, nutrition, technical commitment, highway code). Let's get together and give priority to riders and walkers.

Locmaria-Plouzané Trail
©Arnaud Dubois

circuit 20

Attacking the Toulbroc'h fort

A feast for the eyes

In Locmaria-Plouzané, this 13.5 km circuit offers a variety of landscapes at the entrance to the Brest harbor, facing the heaps of the Crozon peninsula. A rich heritage perched on the cliffs can be seen along the way. What a delight!

Trail on the Kermorvan peninsula
(c) Emmanuel Berthier

circuit 21

Panoramic view of Kermorvan

Heading west

In Le Conquet, this 9.3 km circuit is well-paced: it takes you through the Lanfeust woods, over the Blancs Sablons dunes and to the end of the Kermorvan peninsula facing the Molène archipelago. Take a deep breath!

Trail near Pointe Saint-Mathieu
(c) Emmanuel Berthier

circuit 22

On the lighthouse trail

Legendary GR®34

This 21.3 km circuit is the final stage of the Trail du Bout du Monde: train yourself to hurtle down the coastal path towards the Kermorvan peninsula before a spectacular finish at the magnificent Pointe Saint-Mathieu.

Sports holidays!

Do you always take your running shoes with you on vacation? Iroise is the ideal destination for a seaside run before a visit to a lighthouse, a boat trip and a delicious dinner in a restaurant facing the setting sun. Ready for a jam-packed romantic weekend? Or a four-day reunion with friends? Here are two programs to help you live your passion to the full.

A stream surrounded by lush vegetation at Tréouergat
Robert Treguer

circuit 23

In the heart of nature

Green countryside

In Tréouergat, this 6.3 km circuit is ideal for beginners to trail running. Sheltered from the wind, you'll discover the heart of the region via sunken paths leading to some remarkable sites.

(c) Franck Gicquiaud

circuit 24

Through the woods

Tréouergat - Lanrivoaré circuit

This 14.8 km circuit offers beautiful wooded paths through peaceful countryside, where you'll hear the branches crackling under your feet. Open your eyes...the Saint-Ergat fountain has a few secrets up its sleeve.

Trail Brélès Aber Ildut
©Arnaud Dubois

circuit 25

Tour de l'aber Ildut

In the meandering estuary

Between Plouarzel and Lanildut, this 12.9 km circuit is the most maritime and the most poetic: take the ferry to cross the Aber, then walk along the sea in wooded surroundings until you return to your starting point. 

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Hiking, biking, mountain biking

Between land and sea

35 circuits marked by the Fédération Française de Randonnée and 18 mountain bike circuits await you in Iroise!

Coastal cycle route from Corsen to Porscave
(c)Arnaud Dubois