Véloroute Littorale V45 in Iroise

Landéda Brest
  • Type Cyclotourist
  • Distance 119 Km
  • Difficulty Difficult
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Set sail for the Iroise from Landéda! The shores of Aber Benoît offer an absolutely charming environment. Along the way, discover the dunes of Saint-Pabu and Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau, a Natura 2000 site bordering magnificent white sand beaches. Take a break in Portsall! The port offers food and beverage outlets, and a magnificent viewpoint at the Pointe du Guilliguy.
What to see, what to do on arrival?
* Visit the Ancre An Eor museum - in the wake of the Amoco Cadiz
* Walk to the Pointe du Guilliguy
* Kayak trip (rental point open in July and August)
* Visit the Carn Island cairn, accessible on foot at low tide.

From Landéda to Portsall

Leaving Portsall, a charming seaweed harbor bathed by the English Channel, the sea will accompany you for over 10 kilometers towards Landunvez. The "tourist route", as it's known locally, is absolutely splendid, following the coastline and revealing strangely shaped rocks, reefs and the famous Le Four lighthouse, which keeps watch over the open sea. Make a stopover in Porspoder to recharge your batteries in front of the dunes of the Saint-Laurent peninsula, before heading for Lanildut, a commune just as rich in maritime heritage.
What to see and do on arrival?
* Visit the Maison de l'Algue
* Visit the Route Mandarine soap factory
* Visit the Rumorvan district
* Kayak on the Aber Ildut

From Portsall to Lanildut

At the port of Lanildut, contact the harbor master's office to board "Phine", a small boat that will take you to the other side of the Aber Ildut, to Porscave. Here you can begin your descent along the dunes of Porspaul, where you'll find the famous seaweed kilns once used to burn the seaweed whose ash was sought after by the pharmaceutical industry. You'll soon reach Trézien, guided by its famous lighthouse, the highest and most earthy in the Pays d'Iroise.
What to see, what to do on arrival?
* Visit the Trézien lighthouse
* Stroll around the pointe de Corsen
* Discover Corsen beach
* Horseback riding at the Blue Nash Pony Club
* Massage at the Institut Les Galets Bleus

From Lanildut to Trézien lighthouse

The Littorale V45 is ideal for discovering the seaside by bike. From Trézien, head for Le Conquet, passing the pointe de Corsen, the charming chapel of Locmeven hidden away in a small valley, and the beach of Kerhornou in Ploumoguer, where you'll be tempted to take a refreshing dip! The road will then take you to the Blancs Sablons beach, where you'll overlook the immensity of the area as you head straight for the bell tower of Le Conquet, which has also been awarded the Petite Cité de Caractère(R) label.
What to see, what to do on arrival?
* Visit Le Conquet along the historic circuit
* Tuesday morning market in Le Conquet
* Shopping in the town center
* Stroll around the Kermorvan peninsula and visit the Kermorvan lighthouse
* Paddle in the Conquet ria
* Surf at the Blancs Sablons beach
* Sea trip in a zodiac to discover wildlife and maritime heritage.

Le Conquet
From the Trézien lighthouse to Le Conquet

Leaving Le Conquet, the tourist route punctuated by pretty white sandy coves will take you to Pointe Saint-Mathieu, where a breathtaking site awaits you! Here, if you feel like it, you can visit the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse, the Musée de l'Abbaye Saint-Mathieu de Fine Terre, the Mémorial des Marins morts pour la France and the Musée Mémoires 39-45. Breathe in the sea! Then saddle up for the Trez Hir beach in Plougonvelin. Now it's time to cool off!
What to see and do on arrival?
* Visit Fort de Bertheaume
* Adventure park at Fort de Bertheaume with Bertheaume Iroise Aventure
* Kayak trip in Bertheaume cove (rental point open from May to September)
* Swimming and relaxation at La Treziroise water park
* Snorkeling or canyoning with Rando Mer
* Jet ski trip
* Massage at Trez'N Massages or Marie-Jo Beux, sophrologist

From Conquet to Plougonvelin (Trez-Hir)

The Littorale V45 is ideal for discovering the seaside by bike. From Plougonvelin, head for the beaches of Locmaria-Plouzané: Porsmilin, Portez and Trégana, where you can wake up to a cup of coffee in a beautiful setting. The village of Locmaria is home to an authentic heritage: here a stele, there a menhir, as well as chapels and a manor house that can be visited in summer: the Manoir de Kerscao. Next, you'll leave the Pays d'Iroise and head for Brest, passing through the commune of Plouzané and the famous Sainte-Anne du Porzic beach. Brest's historic city center is just around the corner!
What to see and do on arrival?
> www.brest-metropole-tourisme.fr

From Plougonvelin (Trez-Hir) to Brest
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