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Côte sauvage

Landunvez, Porspoder

Landunvez and Porspoder offer grandiose panoramas: jagged cliffs, protected dunes, moors, islands and beaches will appeal to nature lovers. Strolling along the coastal road, you'll discover a rich historical and gastronomic heritage. Make way for the great outdoors!


The Pays d'Iroise tourist route

Roll on the water!

Some roads are more than just a means of getting somewhere. The Landunvez tourist route is one of these, traced along an infinitely beautiful coast sculpted by the waves and their perpetual rolling. For 3.5 km, from Trémazan to the Kerlaguen fork, you can follow the sea tirelessly, preferably by bike as it's the quickest way to happiness.

Landunvez coastal cycling route
Emmanuel Berthier
A family reads the interpretation panel near the Saint-Samson chapel in Landunvez
(c) Thibault Poriel


Saint-Samson chapel

On the tourist route and the GR®34

It is one of the symbols of Iroise. Isolated on the edge of the cliff, the Saint-Samson chapel has defied storms since 1785, when it was built in honor of one of Brittany's founding saints. It's open every weekend of the year, and 7/7 in summer. A nearby Gallic stele and a fountain that cures rheumatism and eye diseases bear witness to the long-standing worship of this magical site!



Penfoul beach

Ideal for surfing

A surfing spot surrounded by cliffs, Penfoul is a wild setting. At high tide, the view is breathtaking - you have to go 700 m to find the sea! As it rises over this expanse, the waves are a delight for surfers and stand-up paddleboarders alike. You can perch on the cliff and watch them evolve - a feast for the eyes! The sheltered upper part of the beach is ideal for families.


The port of Argenton

Cultural and sports stopover

The port of Argenton, protected by the Ile d'Yock opposite and the Vivier peninsula closing off the cove to the west, is an ideal haven for yachtsmen. Fancy an Italian ice cream and a stroll along the quays? When the tide comes in, it's a beautiful sight.

In summer, there's plenty to do to enjoy the sea air: yoga, climbing, seaweed cooking, palm-water hiking and much more... your vacations will be zen!

(c) Eugénie Ragot


Cycling, surfing, paddle, yoga...

On land or water, discover the wild coast in all its forms!


Le Four lighthouse

1874 - 2024

Isolated off the Saint-Laurent peninsula, the Four lighthouse intrigues and fascinates. Its keepers have ranked it alongside the Ar-Men lighthouse, the Kéréon lighthouse and the Jument lighthouse. Standing 28 metres high, it has been protecting sailors for just over 150 years! Why not take a closer look, in a kayak or on a sea trip?

Le Four lighthouse
Le Four lighthouse
Segal Island


The Saint-Laurent peninsula

Beautiful and fragile

The Presqu'île Saint-Laurent in Porspoder is shaped like a fish and seems to wriggle in the wind. Here, wild flowers and relics sprout from the rocks, while a special light haloed the Four lighthouse offshore. In a word, it's wonderful: you'd almost come to Iroise just to walk around! You can walk around it in 1 hour, or more if you're curious, without leaving the paths to better preserve it.

The Saint-Laurent peninsula


Melon Island

Accessible on foot at low tide

After a meal or a drink overlooking the sea, we'll set off to explore this sacred islet, where time is counted in hours and millennia. Capped by a dolmen, two centuries ago Île Melon formed the Loches archipelago with the now-sunken island of Lamic'h. Here, granite blocks lie on the ground, a reminder that a quarry once operated here.

We'll take time for a meditative pause on this small territory that the sea nibbles at and encircles every 6 hours, separating it from the mainland.

(c) Thibault Poriel


From gourmet breaks to wellness breaks

Take advantage of your stay in Brittany to discover the region's culinary specialties and indulge in a relaxing spa break.

Maritime Armenia


Yoc'h Island


Île d'Yoc'h is accessible on foot during high tide and by kayak from the sea. In privilege, you can then tread on isolated ground, entirely entrusted to Mother Nature and offering a 360-degree view of the Four lighthouse, the Iroise Sea, the port of Argenton and the Landunvez coastline. Take a break for a few hours on this enchanting coastal islet.


Master boat houses


Rue du Spernoc in Porspoder, beautiful stone houses recall the rich past of this port town, which, like neighboring Lanildut, was marked by flourishing trade with England and Spain in the 17th and 18th centuries. These houses belonged to merchant captains known as "maîtres de barque".


Houseboat master---Porspoder
©RM Coulombel


Their remarkable architecture - Aber Ildut granite walls, dormer windows, half-moon chimneys... - reflect the upward social mobility of these seafaring families, achieved through long years of hard work. There are around forty barque master's houses in Lanildut and Porspoder. They can also be found in Landunvez, Lanrivoaré, Brélès, Lampaul-Plouarzel and Le Conquet.


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