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Are you short on time or looking for a family outing with young children? Are you thirsty for fresh air and wide open spaces? We recommend a tour of the Saint Laurent peninsula! The Saint Laurent peninsula is a great place to take a stroll, facing the Four lighthouse, and offers visitors a landscape that's both grandiose and wild.

Accessible at all times of the day via its isthmus. You can park at the Plage des Dames parking lot or a little earlier, at the Biscuiterie des Abers. The crossing of the dunes, away from the pastures of the large Breton draught horses known as Postiers, is very pleasant. The tour of the peninsula takes 45 minutes.

The scenery here is varied, grandiose and breathtaking. From coves to beaches, the path leads to the Four lighthouse. This offshore lighthouse is 2.5 km from the coast. Enough to make you dream. All around you, the scenery is very similar to that of the wild Ouessantine coast...

The peninsula is home to remains dating back to the Neolithic period. To begin with, in the north-west of the island, you can see the remains of a tableless dolmen that has been listed since 1923. Don't forget to take a break among the menhirs that make up the Pors-an-Toullou and Ar-Verret cromlech. They are located in the south-east of the peninsula.

In the center of the peninsula, you'll notice the goémon ovens. These trenches, lined with flat stones, were dug into the dunes over a hundred years ago by seaweed farmers. They were used to burn the seaweed they had harvested and dried, transforming it into soda ash. These could weigh up to 50 kg. These were sold to iodine factories, which transformed them into soda, iodine or potassium salts...

A little background information: The distance from the Saint Laurent peninsula in Porspoder (29- Finistère) to Rio San Luigi in Menton (83-Var) is the longest distance as the crow flies in mainland France. The western end of the Saint Laurent peninsula is 1083 kilometers from the mouth of the Rio San Luigi at Menton (Alpes-Maritimes).

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Saint-Laurent peninsula

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