Route touristique de Landunvez between Penfoul and Trémazan

Landunvez Landunvez
  • Type Cyclotourist
  • Distance 5 Km
  • Duration 0h30
  • Difficulty Easy
Velo Chapelle St-Samson © Emmanuel Berthier (1)
Velo Chapelle St-Samson © Emmanuel Berthier (3)
Tourist Route © Colin Le Roy (5)
Landunvez - Photo credit Mathieu Rivrin

About us

The Landunvez tourist route is one that we'd like to see never end: 5 kilometers of ecstasy along a coastline of imposing rocks and a sea that commands respect. In any season, it's a sight to behold: the Four off-shore lighthouse remains standing when the waves break. The Saint-Samson chapel, isolated on the moor, invites you to take a break. Sit on a rock with your hair blowing in the wind: time for contemplation.

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