Tremazan harbour


Ploudalmézeau, Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau

Ploudalmézeau-Portsall and Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau offer you a change of scenery! Nicknamed the Caribbean of Brittany, this coastline of tropical colors will touch you with its authenticity. Here, you'll find beaches and dunes ideal for walks, water sports activities, thousand-year-old sites, the anchor of the supertanker Amoco Cadiz and its museum area, not to mention magnificent viewpoints and meeting places!


From Portsall to Les Trois Moutons

Take the plunge!

The sea is beautiful up there, translucent and turquoise when the sun's rays transform it. Along a marvellous coastline, it unfolds at the foot of rocky peaks, beaches and dunes, and then a mad desire overcomes us: to dive in! 

The 3 Moutons beach in Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau
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Protecting the dunes of Tréompan against wind and tide, the oyat plant does just that. Also known as dune rush or sand reed, oyat limits the retreat of the dunes under the onslaught of storms, thanks to its spindles and long roots that bind the sand. Resistant to wind and sea spray, it also enables dune vegetation - flowering plants, mosses, lichens - to flourish behind a rampart.


Sailing, kitesurfing, diving...

On a fine summer's afternoon, you'll love swimming, but that's not all: the Portsall waterway is ideal for learning and practicing sailing, so head for the nautical center! A well-known spot in Finistère, the Plage des Trois Moutons offers a fantastic playground for kitesurfing enthusiasts and pros alike. Seaweed fishermen have long been taking to the sea: you'll see them returning to Portsall in the evening, with a rich harvest!  


Guilliguy Point


The people of Portsall are proud of it, and will advise you to climb this rocky promontory overlooking the harbour. Up here, a slender cross stands next to the covered alley of Guilliguy, a Neolithic burial site. Visitors and hikers on the GR ®34 enjoy the view over the cove, the open sea and the famous Portsall rocks. 

View of Pointe du Guilliguy in Portsall, sunset
(c) Thibault Poriel


Portsall forever

A bicycle rental point awaits you at the Ancre an eor museum, a great way to discover the port and its charming surroundings! NEW: Les Frères Complices offers rosalies for hire, departing from the Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau campsite for a trip as far as Portsall.

Anchor of the Amoco Cadiz at Portsall


In the wake of Amoco Cadiz

Ancre An Eor museum space

At the museum dedicated to the sinking of the Amoco Cadiz, everyone remembers: some recall the disturbing smell of fuel oil on the morning of March 16, 1978, then their shock at the scale of the oil slick. Others, whether conscripts or volunteers from far-off places, cleaned up the beaches with shovels and buckets, underlining the great outpouring of solidarity.

Many had seen the event on television. The long battle waged by Alphonse Arzel, then mayor of Ploudalmézeau, against the American company Amoco, was unanimously hailed. In front of the anchor of the supertanker displayed in the pretty harbour of Portsall, which has healed its wounds, the message "never again" touches the youngest.


Carn Island cairn

Hidden treasure

There's no set route to Carn Island, which you reach at low tide by picking your way along the foreshore among fresh seaweed, puddles and small rocks: by instinct. Once on the island, what a view! The Tréompan dunes, the Plage des Trois Moutons, the Île Vierge lighthouse and the horizon are all 360°.

You didn't get here by chance: the megalithic monument in front of you is almost 6,000 years old!

Carn Island Cairn


Gourmet breaks

In Ploudalmézeau, the famous Crêperie du Château d'Eau offers you a delicious meal in an exceptional setting. Come and discover our expertise!


Le Jardin du Moulin Neuf

A fresh and cheerful stopover

Over 4 hectares, 2,000 rosebushes and more than 1,000 varieties of hydrangea adorn this magnificent park nestled in the hollow of a valley, and crossed by streams that converge on a small pond where swans and ducks happily cohabit. After taking advantage of the swings, children will be delighted to meet alpacas, llamas, Ouessant sheep... Great family moments in prospect.

The Moulin Neuf garden


Lampaul-Ploudal', fertile land!

A charming rural village bordered by the Trois Moutons beach, Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau is a fertile breeding ground for authenticity.

Lampaul-Ploudalmezeau church


Saint-Pol Aurélien church

Guided tour

The lacy bell tower stands out against the sea - we're almost there! "From up there, the panorama is breathtaking", we're told. 

Climbing the 78 steps takes a little effort, but what a reward! The village of Lampaul and its surrounding fields come into view. A little further on, you can see the dunes overlooking the Plage des Trois Moutons...


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