Al Lenn bike trail (loop 2)

Saint-Renan Saint-Renan
  • Type Cyclotourist
  • Distance 18.5 Km
  • Duration 1h30
  • Difficulty Difficult
Tréouergat village photo
Tréouergat village photo

About us

Cycling is a great way to get around Iroise. It's an original way to discover sites that have marked the history of our Pays d'Iroise! Listen to your desires and set off on an adventure on the signposted circuits that will take you through many of our region's communes.
4 bike circuits guide you through the countryside or along the Pays d'Iroise coast (An Envor circuit, Ar Mor circuit, An Avel circuit, Al Lenn circuit).

Along the way, take the time to put your foot down and read the heritage interpretation panels.

"Al Lenn" is signposted in both directions.

This circuit is divided into two loops, which can be completed separately or in succession.

A few rules of safety and good conduct:
- Before setting off, check the condition of your bike and take along a repair kit
- Respect the highway code: ride in single file, wear a mask: it is compulsory for children under 12 (CSIR of 02/10/15).
- Always take a snack and a drink with you
- Respect private property
- Don't litter, respect nature by using the garbage cans
- Please note: bicycles are not allowed on the coastal path.

For more circuits, visit the Iroise Bretagne Tourist Office, where mountain bike topoguides are available.

See the bottom of the page for all the activities and restaurants in the area.

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Step 1/3:

START: parking lot at Lac de Ty Colo.
Lac de Ty Colo is located in the heart of Saint-Renan and measures 1,830 meters in circumference. The result of major tin mining activity in the 50s and 70s, this area is home to a variety of leisure activities (playgrounds, multi-sports fields, Wake Park, Aqua West Park, Laser Game, etc.).

Lake Ty Colo

This church, with its triumphal arch porch, dates from the 17th century. It boasts a remarkable treasure trove: a 17th-century silver reliquary and a 7th-century ivory pectoral cross belonging to the abbots of Saint-Mathieu Abbey, one of the few early medieval objects preserved in Brittany.

Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul Church

The church is dedicated to Notre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle. Saint Ronvel, the parish's secondary patron saint, is depicted in one of the choir windows, alongside Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle. The church dates from 1652, with a Renaissance-style bell tower. It is believed to have been built by the de Kergadiou family, lords of Trémobian, whose coat of arms can be seen in the nave.

Church of Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle
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