Littorale V45 from Lanildut to Trézien lighthouse

Lanildut Trézien
  • Type Cyclotourist
  • Distance 8 Km
  • Duration 1h30
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About us

The Littorale V45 is ideal for discovering the seaside by bike. At the port of Lanildut, contact the harbour master's office to board "Phine", a small boat that will take you across the Aber Ildut to Porscave. Here you can begin your descent along the dunes of Porspaul, where you'll find the famous seaweed kilns once used to burn the seaweed whose ash was sought after by the pharmaceutical industry. Soon you'll be on your way to Trézien, guided by its famous lighthouse, the highest and most earthy in the Pays d'Iroise.
What to see, what to do on arrival?
* Visit the Trézien lighthouse
* Stroll around the pointe de Corsen
* Discover Corsen beach
* Horseback riding at the Blue Nash Pony Club
* Massage at the Institut Les Galets Bleus

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