Hiking trail #28 - The Saint-Ourzal chapel

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  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 7.9 Km
  • Duration 3h
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The modest port of Melon had its day of glory on July 25, 1644, when Henriette de France, daughter of Henri IV, landed here, fleeing her kingdom and the soldiers of Cromwell, enemy of her husband Charles I, King of England.

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Along the way, you'll discover the old Melon powder magazine, the Saint-Ourzal chapel, the Traonigou menhirs, the Prat Joulou cross and washhouse, the Kerivoret megalithic site, the Prat Paul washhouses, the Garchine orientation table and the typical Mazou port.

- Restaurant le Chenal to route de Leurvean > White - Red
- Route de Leurvean to parking pointe de Garchine > Yellow
- Parking pointe de Garchine to restaurant le Chenal > White - Red

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DEPARTURE: Car park at Le Chenal restaurant.

At the end of this point, you'll find Melon Island, accessible at low tide, with its many megaliths.
/! at the tide!

Parking le Chenal restaurant

The current chapel was built in 1639 by René de Kermenou, lord of a nearby manor.
The chapel's surroundings, where large boulders naturally outcropping alongside numerous prehistoric megaliths, lend themselves to the fantastic and the marvellous.

Saint-Ourzal chapel

There are two of them, a menhir and a dolmen, 35 m apart, set back a little along a path marked "dolmen et menhir de Kerivoret" (Kerivoret dolmen and menhir). According to several accounts, other megaliths, now destroyed, also existed at this location.
A few dozen metres away, the two Prat Joulou menhirs can still be seen.

Iroise Heritage

Dolmen de Kerivoret

From this point, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mer d'Iroise.
You can see the Four lighthouse, the Saint-Laurent peninsula and the island of Ouessant.
At the parking lot, an orientation table will give you an overall view.

Pointe de Garchine

It's a small harbor surrounded by rocks, facing the islet of Melon, and well protected from heavy swells.
These 6 to 8 m high poles are used to moor boats. This system, as old as time, is traditional in Nordic countries. It is now found in only two places in Brittany: the port of Gwin Zegal, in the commune of Plouha, Côtes d'Armor, and here in Mazou.

Iroise Heritage

Port de Mazou
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