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Why take advantage?

Book a trip with your guide "La grande botte". Julia will help you discover the flora and fauna of the ria du Conquet, accompany you on a no-kill discovery fishing trip or take you on a night-time stroll under the light of the lighthouses and beacons of the Mer d'Iroise.

. Discover the ria du Conquet
A landscape sculpted and punctuated by the tide, the ria du Conquet is an ideal place to observe birds and the flora emblematic of salt meadows. At low tide, wander between the tongues of sand and veins of water to discover the biodiversity of this environment. Discover the multitude of seaside animals living beneath our feet, practice "no-kill" fishing...

. Fishing on foot at Trez Hir
When the sea retreats, take a walk between ponds and rocks to discover crabs, shellfish, fish and more...

. When the headlights come on
As the sun sets, other lights make their appearance in the night. Can you decipher the unique light signatures of each lighthouse? Ant, old monks, Charles Martel - what do all these names have in common? There's only one way to find out: set off at night along the Pointe de Saint-Mathieu and turn towards the horizon. Who could guess that the Isle of Sein is not so far away?

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Fauna - Flora - Guided tours

La Grande Botte

29217 Le Conquet
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