Hiking trail no. 18 - The Kermorvan peninsula

Le Conquet Le Conquet
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 9.1 Km
  • Duration 3h
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Walks
Kermorvan lighthouse
Kermorvan lighthouse
Blancs Sablons
Lanfeust Woods - Le Conquet (c) RM Coulombel

About us

This peninsula is yours for an iodized, invigorating stroll. An ideal place for a stroll with family or friends.

Some twenty years ago, the Blancs Sablons dune site was undergoing a worrying and accelerating deterioration, mainly due to visitor numbers and wind erosion. Today, the dune has stabilized. Vegetation and flora have regained possession of the site.

With the circuits published by "Iroise Bretagne", choose quality hiking with official circuits marked and maintained by the Fédération Française de Randonnée du Finistère and Pays d'Iroise Communauté.

Along the way, enjoy the Blancs Sablons beach (a large 2.5km beach renowned for its waves: kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, paragliding, longe-côte, running...), the Ilette fort, the Kermorvan lighthouse and the port and ria of Le Conquet.

Marking :
- Parking des Blancs Sablons to Plage des Blancs Sablons > Yellow
- Plage des Blancs Sablons to Parking de la pointe de Kermorvan > White - Red
- Parking de la pointe de Kermorvan to Phare de Kermorvan > Yellow
- Phare de Kermorvan to Quartier de Cosquiès > Yellow
- Quartier de Cosquiès to Parking du Moulin d'en Bas > White - Red
- Parking du Moulin d'en Bas to Parking des Blancs Sablons > Yellow

At the Iroise Bretagne Tourist Office, you'll find hard-copy hiking maps and topoguides published by the Fédération Française de Randonnée du Finistère.

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START: Car park at Blancs Sablons beach

Parking des Blancs Sablons

The Blancs Sablons beach is located in a protected area designated Natura 2000 by the Conservatoire du littoral. This large, 2.5 km-long beach of fine sand is ideally located in a wild, unspoilt area. Facing north-west, it's the ideal terrain for board sports enthusiasts. From Blancs Sablons, you'll have a magnificent view of the Kermorvan peninsula, including the Ilette fort.

Plage des Blancs Sablons

The fort was designed to defend the passageway to Brest harbor and to prevent any landings in the Blancs Sablons cove.
The guardhouse was manned by a permanent garrison, who had several stores (gunpowder, food and military arsenal), a cistern and accommodation for their personnel under the artillery terrace. A drawbridge defended the entrance, and we can still see the projecting bretches, the wide openings for the cannons and the gun battlements which, like medieval archères, are distributed in two rows along the entire perimeter wall.
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The islet

Commissioned in 1849 under the direction of engineer Louis Plantier.

At the time, its square-shaped tower was quite original compared with other lighthouses on the coast. It was the second lighthouse of this type to be built in Finistère, after the Île Noire lighthouse, commissioned in 1845 at the mouth of the Morlaix river.

Kermorvan lighthouse

The area is a paradise for many bird species.
At low tide, an immense expanse of halophilous plants, such as glasswort. At high tide, all this flora disappears under the waters, which form a vast inlet in the inner harbour.

The Conquet ria
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