Sophrology-relaxation practice

Yoga / Wellness
Marie Jo Le Beux Sophrologist Plougonvelin
Marie Jo Le Beux Sophrologist Plougonvelin
Marie Jo Le Beux Sophrologist Plougonvelin
Marie Jo Le Beux Sophrologist Plougonvelin
Marie Jo Le Beux Sophrologist Plougonvelin

Why take advantage?

Sophrology in Plougonvelin, relaxation and well-being for all at the practice, at home or at the beach!

A brand new Sophrology / Relaxation practice, created by Marie Jo Le Beux, specializing in well-being, has just opened in the village of Plougonvelin. In addition to its speciality, this practice is also unique in that it has been designed according to FENG SHUI principles (aiming for well-being and success).

The result is a zen office conducive to Sophrology, relaxation and unwinding under the expert hands of Mme Le Beux, who also offers well-being massages and Sitting Massage on ergonomic chairs.

Sophrology uses breathing, mental relaxation and positive visualization. It helps to manage stress, emotions, pain, regain self-confidence, sleep better, improve relationships with others, etc...


For 10 years, she worked in the hospital environment with adults at the CHRU in Brest, where she helped patients (pain, sleep) and hospital staff (return to work, relaxation workshop: "fight against stress").


Treat yourself!
Discover relaxation and sophrology on the beautiful beach of Trez Hir!
Sessions every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. by the sea or at the practice (weather permitting).


Group and individual workshops are organized throughout the year by theme of HEALTH or PREPARATION for the general public.

. Health preparation :

Sophrology helps you to relax and manage anxiety, and to cope effectively with the difficult stages of life.
Marie-Jo offers workshops to help you overcome these challenges:
- Preparing for surgery
- Supporting chemotherapy
- Improving sleep
- Relieving pain
- Reducing eating disorders
- Preparing for childbirth (before and after)
- Supporting IVF, MAP
- Supporting bereavement, separation, depression....
- Managing professional and family stress

. Preparation for young people or students:
This workshop-based program focuses on preparation for exams and interviews, and takes an in-depth look at stress and anxiety management.

- Driver's license, Exams (BEPC, BAC, Grandes Écoles, Études Supérieures)
- Job interviews ...

. Sports preparation:
Sophrology and relaxation will help you improve your performance and prepare for training and competition.

. The "Massage Assis Minute" ® or MAM*:
This type of massage is performed on clothing. It is highly effective and quick (10 minutes on an ergonomic chair). It immediately brings a great sense of well-being, reduces stress, releases muscular and nervous tension and improves vitality.

The aim of these workshops is to boost self-confidence, relaxation and well-being, master emotions and improve concentration.


Offer a gift card for an in-office or at-home wellness treatment for a birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas or any other occasion. It's a very pleasant and appreciated gift!

Main services

  • Offers internships

Spoken language(s)

  • French
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Base rate

Individual Sophrology

Individual Sophrology: 60 euros , Massage on ergonomic chair 30 euros , Massage Relaxation: 60 euros , Group workshop: 35 euros per person,

Means of payment

  • Bank and postal cheques
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Yoga / Wellness

Sophrology-relaxation practice

Marie josee LE BEUX 7 rue Hervé De Portzmoguer
29217 Plougonvelin
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