The wild coast of Plouarzel


Plouarzel, Lampaul-Plouarzel, Ploumoguer

Welcome to the end of the world! Facing the Molène archipelago and the island of Ouessant, the coastline is carved out against a backdrop of changing light and the rhythm of the tides. Cliffs, dunes, coves and white-sand beaches follow one another, interspersed with harbours and shelters. And the countryside is not far away. Ideal for a peaceful break from the invigorating pleasures of the sea. A land of extremes: Europe's highest menhir, the most westerly point of mainland France, the highest point of the Pays d'Iroise... so much to look forward to!


Corsen Point

Between the English Channel and the Atlantic

Breathe, open your eyes, you're there! The pointe de Corsen is the most westerly point of mainland France. Opposite you, the islands of the Molène archipelago and the island of Ouessant stand out on the horizon. At sea, beacons and lighthouses are a reminder of how dangerous the waters can be. It's not so easy to navigate here! Sailors have learned to take currents into account. From channels to passes, they navigate away from shoals and rocks.

(c) Thibault Poriel


Sandy beaches

Exotic accents

From Lampaul-Plouarzel to Ploumoguer, one fine sandy beach follows another: plage de Corsen, plage de Porsguen, plage de Portsévigné, Les Charrettes, Kerhornou, Illien... Family-friendly, sporty or enchanting, why not take a break on one of them? Sheltered by the dunes or the cliffs, facing south or west, make your choice according to the wind, the number of visitors or the panorama!

At Le Gouérou, bodyboarding champions hone their style before the next competition. From the Porsman nautical base, the young sailors take to the open sea aboard their optimists.


Family fishing
Martin Viezzer
Corsen beach in Plouarzel
Martin Viezzer

seen on tv

Corsen headland walks with Iroise Sauvage

"Iroise Sauvage" is a documentary due out on April 5, but it also includes nature walks with director Franck Gicquiaud, to meet the wild animals that live close to us without us even knowing it. Some live in hiding, adapting to our presence, smells and noises. The film "Iroise Sauvage" will be their voice.


Trézien lighthouse

A paradise according to its guardians

It has just celebrated its 130th birthday! The Trézien lighthouse was manned until 1986. Behind the high stone walls at the foot of the lighthouse, the keeper's house now houses an exhibition. After climbing 182 steps, you'll be blown away by the panorama: from Conquet to Porspoder, the Molène archipelago and the island of Ouessant come into view. Before you leave, take a break in the garden at one of the picnic tables.

Aerial view of the Trézien lighthouse and surrounding area
(c) Thibault Poriel


When the lights come on

At dusk, it's a magical moment!

As a privileged spectator, huddled in a dune hole, hold your breath... it's almost time for the lights to come on. First one, then a second... and off we go for a ballet of beams! You won't be surprised to learn that the Iroise Sea is one of the most illuminated seas in the world. One red flash is the Stiff lighthouse on Ouessant, 2 flashes every 15 seconds is the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse... it's up to you to make the most of the evening!

an eye on the sea

CROSS Corsen

From the tip of Penmarc'h, south Finistère, to Mont Saint-Michel

The Centre Régional Opérationnel de Surveillance et de Sauvetage (Regional Operational Centre for Surveillance and Rescue) dominates just a few metres from the tip of Corsen. Coastal surveillance is underway, and nothing escapes their attention: pollution, rescue... Offshore, on the Rail de Ouessant, with an average of 120 boats a day, oil tankers, LNG carriers and other container ships cross under the watchful eye of CROSS Corsen. This is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.



The Kerloas menhir

The world's tallest menhir

Are you a megalith enthusiast? The Pays d'Iroise is packed with Neolithic sites. The most impressive is the Kerloas menhir. Erected 4,000 years ago, it is the tallest menhir in the world. It measures 9.50 metres in height. It's said that newlyweds used to rub their bellies against it in the hope that, for the man, it would produce male children, and for the woman, it would enable her to rule her home like her husband!

Kerloas menhir


Gourmet break

Where can you enjoy local specialities between two walks? Here are a few addresses!

point of view

The Keramézec lookout

The highest point in Bas-Léon

Just a few kilometers from the Kerloas menhir, the Kéramézec belvedere is the highest point in the Pays d'Iroise and a must-see! From the top of this mound, a breathtaking view awaits you of the Iroise bell towers, the islands, the Crozon peninsula... Accessible to people with reduced mobility, the spot is ideal for a family picnic.

Le Bélvédère de Kerambézec

GR® 34

Family outings

From Lampaul-Plouarzel to Ploumoguer, 25 km of coastline

From the shores of Aber Ildut to Illien beach, coves, sandy beaches, harbours, viewpoints and shelters follow one another along 25 km of coastal paths. There's no shortage of seaside walks here! We offer 10 km loops between land and sea. A great opportunity to discover the coastline and hinterland of Plouarzel, Lampaul-Plouarzel and Ploumoguer.


Water sports, shetland rides, go-karting, golf...

Plouarzel, Lampaul-Plouarzel and Ploumoguer offer a wide range of activities to help you make the most of these wide-open spaces. Fancy a bike ride? A rental service is available from the Tourist Office in Plouarzel. 


The ports of Lampaul-Plouarzel

A town resolutely turned towards the sea

In Lampaul-Plouarzel, people have always made a living from the sea's resources, whether sand, seaweed or fishing. Today, it's the pleasure boaters who liven up the landscape. What a pleasure it is to watch the sailors return from fishing from the pointe de Beg ar vir, or to walk barefoot in the sand between the boats at low tide in the port of Porspaul. In Porscave, make a date on Saturdays for the shellfish sale "au cul-du bateau", Le Mahuda.

The beaches of Lampaul-plouarzel
©F. Gicquiaud


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