Belvedere of Keramézec

Interpretation center and site

Why take advantage?

Offering a breathtaking view of the Pays d'Iroise and the Molène archipelago, the Kéramézec belvedere in Ploumoguer needed to be enhanced. This was achieved in 2012, when the highest point in the Pays d'Iroise, at 142 m, was completely refurbished, including access for people with reduced mobility.

142 metres: Keramezec is the HIGH POINT of the Pays d'Iroise

You can drive to the belvedere, where parking spaces have been provided. When you arrive, you'll appreciate the landscaping, which makes the site very welcoming. Follow the interpretive trail, featuring a question-and-answer game on France's highest points, to reach the orientation table at the top of the hill.

As you reach the top, admire the remarkable scenery, with views over the Iroise Sea and its islands, and over the land of the Pays d'Iroise. The bell towers of the surrounding communes, visible from the belvedere, were designed by a local artist and set on enamelled lava.

Our advice: Choose clear weather to ensure good visibility for contemplating the landscape.


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Interpretation center and site

Belvedere of Keramézec

29810 Ploumoguer
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