Porsmilin beach - Iroise Bretagne

Remarkable heritage

Plougonvelin, Locmaria-Plouzané

All roads cross in Plougonvelin and Locmaria-Plouzané, where the alternating beaches, cliffs and monuments attract visitors every year. With its lighthouse, abbey and breathtaking view of the Iroise Sea, the Pointe Saint-Mathieu is a must-see and the end of the world a fabulous starting point!


Saint-Mathieu Point

1,000 years of history

On this rocky spur, you'll cross 1,000 years of history as you visit the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse, the Abbaye Saint-Mathieu de Fine-Terre, the National Memorial to Sailors who died for France and the Musée Mémoires 39-45.

Faced with a sea that can be calm or raging, inhabited by wildlife that reveals itself in the open sea, this is also a time for contemplation. Rekindle the flame! You're at the heart of the Lighthouse Route.

Saint-Mathieu Point
Saint-Mathieu Point


A day at Pointe Saint-Mathieu

From walks to tours and tastings, the Pointe Saint-Mathieu area awaits you for an unforgettable day.


Bertheaume fort

shaped by Vauban

Between two dips in the sea at Perzel beach, a visit to Fort de Bertheaume combines culture and pleasure. Just a 5-minute walk from the sand castles, a thousand-year-old site bordered by crystal-clear waters awaits you.

The islet, fortified by Vauban, is now home to a fun zip-line course, the latest innovation since the flying boat designed in 1694 to link the Fort to the mainland! Every Wednesday evening in summer, the "Si Bertheaume m'était conté" show hosted by the Bertheaume Association troupe will take you back in time.


Zip-lining, climbing, kayaking, hiking...

On land and water, discover Bertheaume Fort in all its glory!


The seaside resort of Trez Hir

and the 7 beaches of the SOUTH

Just 15 minutes from Brest, the mythical seaside resort of Trez-Hir is the perfect place to relax, admire the sunrise and tease the swell. Beach cabins have disappeared, but the pleasures of the sea are open to all: welcome to the nautical center! 

Trez-Hir beach in Plougonvelin
Trez-Hir beach


Kayak, wingfoil, bodyboard...

From Bertheaume to Trégana, the natural covesheltered from westerly swells and northerly winds, is an ideal spot to practice or try your hand at board sports!


The Vaéré garden

A little piece of paradise
Not far from the Pointe Saint-Mathieu, in Plougonvelin, there is a little hidden paradise, a real haven of peace. A magnificent botanical garden is laid out along a stream by the indefatigable Gaby Quellec, a native of the region. The old wash house of Vaéré was buried under a mountain of earth and plant debris. In 2004, the former farmer decided to roll up his sleeves as a volunteer, equip himself with his tools and courage to transform this place.
No less than 4,500 m² have been transformed by his hands. The octogenarian has done a titanic job so that today we can find countless flowers, medicinal, aromatic and tropical plants, washhouses, pools where fish and frogs swim, stone models that give way to small scenes. These miniature constructions were made with the precious help of Pierre Lannuzel.
To get there : take the D85 towards Pointe Saint-Mathieu. Turn left towards Kerouman.

Play the video about Jardin du Vaéré in Plougonvelin


Plougonvelin cinema

Le Dauphin cinema in Plougonvelin, classified as an Art & Essai cinema with Young Audiences label, offers an eclectic program and a comfortable cinema on the edge of the Trez Hir beach.

The Bout du Monde trail passes by the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse


Trail du Bout du Monde

Running on the GR® 34

A pat on the back and encouragement on one of France's most beautiful sites - that's what you'll experience if you take part in the Trail du Bout du Monde. Every summer in July, this event brings together over 2,000 participants from France and abroad, at the foot of the lighthouse and Saint-Mathieu abbey in Plougonvelin. Post-race meals, musical entertainment and a sports village add to the conviviality of this event!


Guided walks and hikes

Accompanied by a guide, explore a rugged coastline with a wealth of flora and fauna to discover, and a rich and sometimes well-hidden heritage.

The cliffs of Déolen


The cliffs of Déolen

In search of nuggets

Looking for an invigorating hike between land and sea? Welcome to Locmaria-Plouzané, a commune in the south of the Pays d'Iroise whose paths lead to paradise. You'll fall under the spell of its wild coastline, sandy beaches, hedged farmland and rich, surprising heritage.


Pancakes, seafood, local cuisine...

Discover our vitamin-packed spaces by the sea or in the heart of the village, where you'll feel right at home!

A feast for the eyes

In Locmaria-Plouzané, the pointe du Grand Minou has become a rendezvous for lovers, with views of the Petit Minou lighthouse, the Brest roadstead and the Tas de Pois in Crozon.


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