Surfing at Blancs Sablons


Setting sail, surfing

Moving around at sea means dealing with the waves and the wind, welcoming the unexpected and adapting to each moment. How do you keep going when the going gets rough? Surfing, paddleboarding, scuba diving... make the most of your vacation in Brittany to discover a sport that's right up your street!

Do the waves and wind get you going?


Surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing

From age 4

Tame the waves of the Mer d'Iroise, where great champions have taken their first steps!

Blancs Sablons beach in Le Conquet
©Franck Gicquiaud


Surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing

Introductory and advanced courses are offered at well-known spots. We look forward to seeing you there!

Paddleboarding in Le Conquet
©Mary-Anna Reiatua


Stand-up paddle

Free on the water

Light winds, calm seas: how about a paddle?

You can paddle on the sea or anywhere else, sitting, kneeling or standing, it's your choice! The paddle is very maneuverable, ideal for people who don't want to exhaust themselves rowing too hard to turn. In Iroise, the rides in the Ria du Conquet or along the coast are breathtaking. Relax, enjoy the scenery and feel free. Try paddling and you'll love it!

Can you handle any situation?

Nautisme en Pays d'Iroise
Mathieu Le Gall


Sailing in the Iroise Sea

Boats, catamarans, kayaks, rowing boats...

Come on board! The Pays d'Iroise's four nautical centers welcome young and old alike for introductory and advanced courses in a wide range of water sports: optimist, catamaran, windsurfing... The nautical spots offer rental equipment for the more experienced! 

Treasures of the Foreshore


Argenton nautical center

The Argenton nautical center offers a wide range of flash activities for the whole family: sophrology, aquagym, seaweed cooking workshops... take your pick! For a zen summer.


Come equipped!

Visit specialist stores to stock up on booties, wetsuits and all the accessories you need for water sports.

Are you curious by nature?


Scuba diving, snorkeling

The other world

First dives and advanced courses are offered by Madéo Plongée in Lanildut, Portsall and Molène, and by Korejou Plongée in Saint-Pabu. Rando Mer accompanies you on a snorkeling tour of the underwater world of Plongonvelin and the Molène archipelago. Wahou!

A young man dives with Madéo Plongée


Schools and rental outlets

Take the helm! In Iroise, you can learn to steer a catamaran or a traditional sailboat, take your boating license or go for a kayak ride... At sea or in the estuaries, sailing offers unique sensations.


Rental points

Rent your equipment and set sail with the advice of professionals.


Sea trip

In the Iroise Natural Marine Park

Embark at Le Conquet, or Lanildut in season, for an unforgettable trip out into the Iroise Sea. You'll meet wild animals, seals, dolphins and seabirds... right here, at home. Lighthouses guide sailors through rocks and reefs.You'll be amazed by this maritime heritage!

A young woman contemplates the spectacle of dolphins in the Iroise Sea
Sea outing with Archipel Excursions
Eugénie Ragot


Sea trip

Guided tours, crossings to Molène or Ouessant islands... you can't visit Iroise without going out on the water!

Do you even disturb the peace and quiet of a lake?


Wakeboarding or water skiing

Wakepark Advance Ride in Saint-Renan

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, come and enjoy a wakeboarding session with family and friends at the Ty Colo lake in Saint-Renan.

Wakeboard Wakepark Advance Ride
The Tréziroise swimming pool in Plougonvelin


To the pool!

La Treziroise in Plougonvelin welcomes you to its seawater pools, gym and wellness area with sauna and hammam for pure relaxation. A unique pool in Finistère! In Saint-Renan, the Spadium offers a 25-meter sports pool, a children's pool and relaxation areas.

Discover the fundamentals of sea fishing with Ar Mor Fishing
Maxime Léon


Sea fishing

With a guide

During an outing at sea with an experienced fishing guide, you'll learn to spot the best fishing spots, to "read the water", to lure various species of fish such as sea bream, bream, mackerel or red mullet. If you're lucky, you'll come across dolphins and porpoises, seals and gannets along the way. An unforgettable experience!

How do I get there?
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