Discover Iroise with a sea excursion


Excursion to the Iroise Sea

"In the heart of the marine nature park. Our marine guides will take you from islet to islet, close to seals and dolphins.

They will share with you their knowledge of the islands, lighthouses and beacons of the Iroise Sea. Archipel Excursions and Finist'mer invite you to discover the lighthouses at sea, and the flora and fauna of the Iroise Sea.


The Molène archipelago

exceptional biodiversity

The combination of currents, shoals, rocks and islands has created an ideal environment for fish. Mammals and seabirds, fond of fish, live in Europe's first seaweed field.

The Molène archipelago is part of the Iroise Natural Marine Park. The grey seal is an emblematic and protected species in Iroise. In summer, they build up their fat reserves for the winter. At low tide, seals like to rest on the rocky islets that can be seen in the south of the island, near Litiri and Quéménès.

Bottlenose dolphins of the Iroise Sea
Bottlenose dolphins in the Mer d'Iroise

It's GONE!

Accompanied discovery

Guides accompany you through the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise to discover its flora and fauna.