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The best of Pays d'Iroise seafood

Seafood, a must in North Finistère gastronomy! Discover our tips and tricks for a delicious meal!


Seafood in Iroise

Fill up on iodine and flavour!

How can you think of North Finistère gastronomy without talking about seafood? Here, wherever you are, you're never far from a fishing port. At the fish ponds or at the "cul du bateau", you'll always have access to ultra-fresh fish and seafood in a short circuit.
To get the full experience, go fishing on foot during high tides, or take a day trip on a fishing boat!

spiders arrive at Le Conquet


The essentials of a good seafood platter

Iodized flavors

You can't visit Iroise without enjoying a seafood platter! To compose it, we aim for the extra-freshness of the products, but also the balance of textures and flavors, all guided by your tastes and preferences, of course!

On a bed of freshly harvested seaweed, you'll usually find:
- oysters, either hollow or flat, or both!
- spider crab or edible crab;
- langoustines;
- whelks;
- periwinkles.
This can be rounded off with a Breton lobster, the star of the coast!

Don't forget the essentials: semi-salted bread and butter, homemade mayonnaise and a glass of chilled white wine. The availability of products will depend on seasonality and what the sea is willing to give: trust your shopkeeper to recommend the best products!


Where to enjoy a seafood platter?

You can choose to enjoy your seafood platter in one of Pays d'Iroise's restaurants: escape guaranteed!

Fishing boat from Le Conquet


From boat to plate

Buy fish directly from the fisherman

You'll often come across them in port, cleaning the decks of their boats. When your day starts, theirs ends: Brittany's fishermen go out every night, or almost every night, depending on the vagaries of the weather and in sometimes trying conditions. For the most part, they are the guarantors of sustainable fishing and the preservation of resources.

It's directly from them, "up the ass of the boat" as we say here, that you'll find the best of local fishing in an extra-short circuit with no middlemen. Wriggling langoustines, crab, spider crab and lobster sit alongside pollack, skate and burbot in colorful crates, fresh off the boat. Fishermen from the Pays d'Iroise can also be found at farmers' markets, such as the one in Saint-Renan, the largest in Finistère.

Fishing boat Kervouroc
Fishing boat Kervouroc


Fishing boats

In Le Conquet and Lampaul-Plouarzel, you can buy extra-fresh fish at the "cul du bateau".


Discover fishing on foot in Iroise

To the rhythm of the tides

Taking advantage of high tides to try your hand at foreshore fishing is one of the best experiences you can have in the Iroise. As long as you respect certain rules, for your health, safety and the preservation of resources. The tourist office can advise and guide you.

- Check the tide times and coefficients beforehand;
- Raise your head regularly to look around you: you can very quickly be trapped by the rising sea;
- Find out about possible health bans, which could turn your tasting into a very bad memory!
- Equip yourself with a fishing guide to help you comply with regulatory sizes, species and authorized volumes (available from tourist offices);
- Pick only what you want to eat, to avoid overfishing.

High tides in Iroise
Family fishing
Martin Viezzer
Ar Mor Fishing
Ar Mor Fishing


Immediate boarding for a day of sea fishing

In the company of a guide

Do you have sea legs, a strong heart and a solid stomach? Then take to the open seas to experience a few hours in the life of the fishermen of the Brest roadstead or the Iroise Sea: total immersion guaranteed! For a full or half day, these passionate sailors will share with you the day-to-day aspects of their profession, often a vocation since they were very young.

You'll learn to "read the water", spot the best spots, experiment with different lure and fishing techniques, and have the satisfaction of bringing your own hand-caught fish ashore! Finally, you'll discover the challenges of responsible fishing, respectful of the environment, species and resources, and supported by the men and women who take to the sea every day of the year.

A day out of time, a unique experience that will give you the chance to discover the Iroise coastline from another point of view. And who knows, you might even come across a pod of playful dolphins!


Fishing guides

On the coast or offshore, discover sea fishing in the company of an experienced guide.

Butter, sugar and lemon crepe


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