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4 gourmet restaurants to discover in Iroise

At the crossroads of the land's resources and iodized flavors, the Pays d'Iroise offers exceptional cuisine with several gourmet restaurants at the tip of Finistère. Here, top chefs sublimate the land, blending Breton tradition and refinement in a modern, inventive gastronomy that never loses sight of its deep-rooted roots. Flavors explode, and all the senses are awakened, taking you on extraordinary gustatory journeys.


Hostellerie de la pointe Saint-Mathieu

At the end of the world

Further on, it's the ocean! At the very tip of Finistère, this gourmet restaurant welcomes you for an immediate flight to the sea. At the helm is Nolwenn Corre, who took over the family establishment in 2015 after graduating from the Institut Paul Bocuse and training with Michelin-starred chefs. The young chef, the first Michelin-starred woman in Finistère, conveys her native Brittany in her creations, offering ultra-local cuisine with a marine accent.

From starters to desserts, the menu reflects the seasons and magnifies the terroir with modernity, refinement and freshness.
While your taste buds marvel at the marriage of flavors, before your eyes the ocean stretches as far as the eye can see, offering you its changing colors. And to get the full experience, go on a stormy day to see the elements unleashed!



Hostellerie de la pointe Saint-Mathieu
Hostellerie de la pointe Saint-Mathieu


La Dune du Château de Sable

Back to nature

Facing the Saint-Laurent peninsula in Porspoder, the restaurant La Dune du Château de Sable invites you to reconnect with nature. Anthony Hardy's cuisine revisits the Breton terroir with great finesse, glorifying local produce. Local fisheries, breeders and market gardeners from the Léon region are given pride of place, not to mention a fine selection of Finistère cheeses.

"Gourmet, generous cuisine" is how the Michelin-starred chef defines his work and that of his brigade, which he gladly shares with his guests at every service in his kitchen, which opens onto the dining room.
All around you, soothing colors, wood, linen, ceramics, and always that incredible view of the sea, invite you to spend a few hours... out of time.

Le Château de Sable
Hôtel Sainte-Barbe


Restaurant La Corniche

An escape to the islands

You'd think it was sitting on the sea. The Hôtel Sainte Barbe restaurant, on the tip of Le Conquet, offers panoramic views of the Iroise Sea and the islands of Ouessant and Molène. In fact, the names of the menus evoke the idea of escape, inviting you to take to the open sea. Chef Jean-Marie Le Guen sets himself apart with a resolutely iodized cuisine.

Enjoy a succulent platter of seafood and shellfish, or a Breton lobster, freshly caught and brought in from the port just a stone's throw away. And don't forget the cellar, with its meticulous selections, and, of course, a sweet touch at the end of the meal, with all its finesse and delicacy.
But before settling down at your table, take the time to enjoy a signature cocktail on the rooftop and its panoramic view. And as if you were on the deck of a boat, let your gaze wander off into the distance...

Restaurant Partage


Restaurant Partage

Gastronomy reinvented

In the heart of the medieval town of Saint-Renan, which also hosts Finistère's largest farmers' market, Julien Marseault and his team offer authentic, convivial cuisine, with dishes combining local produce and creativity. Partage is also a unique concept: a selection of dishes to be shared by two, three or more people: the ideal formula for those who can't decide between several courses!

Here, the seasons rule the menu, with ultra-local produce. The 7-course inspiration menu invites you to let yourself be carried away by the chef's creativity and, as he puts it: "the whims of the sea and the land".
Partage has been a family affair since 1890, in a house where conviviality and the pleasure of good food go hand in hand with a passion for the craft.


Restaurant Partage
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