Butter, sugar and lemon crepe


All-you-can-eat pancakes

A land of flavors, what would Iroise be without its crêpes? Made from buckwheat or wheat, they're the epitome of Breton delicacy!


All-you-can-eat pancakes!

Gourmandises du Pays d'Iroise

There's no escaping them, they're around every corner in Brittany: crêperies! Here, you can enjoy crêpes all year round, on the go or with the family, "kraz" or "soupig", made with wheat flour or buckwheat. We invite you to immerse yourself in one of the region's most popular gastronomic symbols!


Buckwheat pancakes

Typically Breton

Should we say buckwheat or buckwheat? It's all the same! Buckwheat is simply the name given to buckwheat flour (which in turn refers to the buckwheat plant), because of its gray color.

The buckwheat crêpe has a stronger taste, with a hint of acidity. Traditionally, savoury crêpes are topped with buckwheat, but we recommend you try the buckwheat/chocolate crêpe: it's delicious! And buckwheat isn't just found in crêpes! For example, it's an essential ingredient in the recipe for Kig Ha Farz, the traditional dish of the Léon region.

Buckwheat pancake
Louise de Bretagne


The wheat crepe

Any time of day!

Wheat crepes can be enjoyed on any occasion. For breakfast, crêpes can be spread with butter, jam... or both, for those with a sweet tooth. At lunchtime or in the evening, they are served as a dessert after buckwheat pancakes. Finally, as a snack, or if you're feeling a bit peckish during the day, sit down or stand up, simply with butter and sugar, or ultra gourmet with caramelized apples, or even flambéed with lambig!

The crêpe de froment (wheat pancake) is also a memory of Wednesday afternoon tea parties at our Breton grandmothers'. The pancake had barely had time to leave the bilig, the butter still burning, before it was devoured!

Bilig pancake
Bilig crêpes

Crepes stimulate the senses. First, there's the characteristic sound of the ladle of batter being dropped onto the bilig, followed by the almost hypnotic gesture of perfectly mastered turning to form a crepe that's thin enough but without any holes: quite an art! Then there's the irresistible smell of butter that titillates your nostrils. And finally: the marvellous taste, the softness or crunchiness, the raw delicacy and the explosion of flavours in the mouth!

bolée cidre crêpes



And what do you drink with that?

To enjoy your crêpes at their best, order a brut or demi-sec cider served in a bowl, or an apple juice. 

bonnes adresses

Creperies in Iroise


Your mouth watering? Discover our selection of crêperies in the Pays d'Iroise and let yourself be seduced by the specialities of each one!


The pancake recipe is simple: buckwheat flour, water and salt for the buckwheat pancake. Milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla are added for the wheat-flour version. They are cooked on the "bilig", a cast-iron griddle heated by gas or, more frequently, electricity.

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