Chapel of Our Lady of Grace



In the shadow of the great monuments, more discreet sites create surprises along the hiking trails. Fountains, cairns, chapels... reflect a thousand-year-old history nourished by beliefs, legends and great know-how.

Close to the Récré des 3 Curés...



The miraculous Saint-Ergat fountain

In Brittany, the cult of water comes from the depths of time, and healing and oracular fountains still dot the Iroise. In Tréouergat, the Saint-Ergat fountain is hidden in an undergrowth where the wind, strangely enough, doesn't penetrate. What could be more melodious than the trickle of this spring? In the old days, young women used to go there to find out if they'd get married within the year. They would throw a pin, and if it sank into the fountain's eye, cries of joy would erupt from the forest!


Hiking, mountain biking and trail routes

Take a hike to discover our hidden heritage. Here are the routes that will take you to the Saint-Ergat fountain.

Just a few steps from the port of Lanildut...


Rumorvan, in the footsteps of the merchant captains

As the sun rises in Lanildut, a fascinating spectacle of light and shadow unfolds in the Rumorvan district. Prestigious stone houses, hidden behind their high walls, reveal a half-moon chimney here, a dormer window facing the sea there, all messages inscribed in the architecture by their owners, merchant captains in the 17th and 18th centuries. A unique heritage.

rumorvan barge master house in Lanildut


Guided tour with a local

Call on a Greeter!

To find out more about our region, its history and its well-kept secrets, opt for a walk in the company of a local Greeter, a member of the Greeters network, who knows his or her commune inside out and will be delighted to share it with you! They're waiting for you in Lanildut, Tréouergat and Trébabu.

A couple enjoy a Greeters guided tour of the seaside

Not far from the anchor of the Amoco Cadiz...

Carn Island Cairn


The Carn Island cairn, one of Brittany's oldest monuments

The Carn Island cairn is one of Iroise's hidden treasures. We'll leave the GR ® 34 to walk to it at low tide, among fresh seaweed, puddles and small rocks. Built nearly 6,000 years ago, this burial site is older than Egypt's pyramids! According to a famous legend, a cruel horse-eared king lived here...


Hiking trails

Here are the hiking trails that will take you to Carn Island. We're off!



The port of Mazou, unique in Finistère

Two remain in Brittany: Plouha in the Côtes d'Armor, and here in Mazou (Porspoder), where boats have been moored to a wooden pole for ages. Every 10 years, these poles, which are nibbled away with each tide, are replaced. A lively little port where yachtsmen have replaced seaweed gatherers.


Hiking trails

Discover the port of Mazou by hiking the GR34 or taking this walking trail.


Porspaul seaweed kilns

The Beg ar vir peninsula offers a fabulous panorama, but that's not all. If you look down, you'll discover long, flagstone-paved pits in the dunes, where seaweed was once burned and then recovered as ash to be sold to the pharmaceutical industry. A history engraved in the sand that will add an extra touch of soul to your stroll along this pretty stretch of coastline. Keep your eyes peeled! Other seaweed kilns line the coastal paths of Iroise and North Finistère.

Four à Goémon in Lampaul-Plouarzel


Hiking trails

You can discover the seaweed kilns on a walk along the GR34. Here's a selection of hiking and biking trails that will also take you to this unique heritage.

Just a stone's throw from Pointe Saint-Mathieu...

Davieds heritage


Coastal davieds

Along the coastal path in Plougonvelin and Ploumoguer, a number of pierced stones on the cliff edge will arouse your curiosity. In the 19th and 20th centuries, these installations, known as "davieds", were used to collect seaweed washed ashore by means of a rope inserted into the notch in the slab, pulled by a hand winch or horse. With this device, up to 100 kilos of fresh seaweed could be hauled up! Invaluable for fertilizing crops.


Hiking trails

The davieds are found on the rocky coast of Plougonvelin and Ploumoguer. You can also discover them on these tours.

In the shadow of the great Kerloas menhir...

religious heritage

The Romanesque church of Lamber, the oldest church in Finistère

In the shadow of the major tourist attractions, Lamber is a charming little village whose peacefulness you'll appreciate as you cycle through the heart of the authentic Iroise. A washhouse, a fountain, granite houses and a cocoon of greenery surround Lamber's pretty 11th-century church. Its Romanesque architecture makes it the oldest church in Finistère!

Lamber Church


Hiking and biking trails

On foot or by bike, you'll do more than just pass through the charming little village of Lamber.