Molène harbor


Island of Molène

Molène is the main island of an archipelago of the same name, comprising some twenty islets. The island is around 15 kilometers from the coast. Separated from the Molène archipelago by the Fromveur Passage, Ouessant is the largest and most westerly of the Finistère islands. The Iroise Sea, so distinctive with its lighthouses, islets, channels, rocks and shallows, is one of the brightest in the world.


Visit the island of Molène

200 inhabitants in the heart of the archipelago

Molène is the destination of choice for those seeking peace and quiet, and ideal for families with young children. There are no cars here, so you can wander around the island on foot, following a varied itinerary and discovering a breathtaking view of the islands and islets of the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise. Take time out to sit on a bench and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Molène from the air
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A new treasure hunt

A fun way to discover Molène

A new treasure hunt lets you wander around the island of Molène in a fun way and meet its inhabitants. You'll discover a different way of life, a simple, warm welcome and the "Molène language"... Take your welcome brochure with you and find the illustrated points of interest on the island. There are 16 riddles to solve and a mystery phrase to reconstruct!

Molène treasure hunt


Stay on the island of Quéménès

An island out of time

Amélie, Etienne and their baby, the only inhabitants of the island, welcome you to their island farm for a timeless experience. The organic farm is self-sufficient in energy. The development of these activities now helps to maintain the island's landscapes and preserve biodiversity. Would you like to visit them and spend a few days in their guest house? Don't hesitate!

Quéménes seen from the window
Quéménès farm
Gîtes de Quéménès
Quéménès farm


Visit Ushant Island

Ouessant or the island at the end of the world

Want to visit an island in Brittany? Take a day trip to Ouessant. Situated 25 km from the coast, Ouessant is the most westerly island in mainland France. You'll discover a small, sparsely populated Ireland, with most of life centered around the church in the village of Lampaul. The Ouessant recipe: crocheted curtains, blue shutters, Ouessant weathervanes, dry-stone walls, black sheep, windmills, lighthouses... 

The wild coast of Ouessant


Discover the Molène archipelago

All the wonders of the Iroise Sea

Experience unforgettable moments in the heart of the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise. This wild, unspoilt environment is full of surprises, including lighthouses, islands and islets, and above all, unexpected wildlife. Discreetly, you can observe colonies of bottlenose dolphins and seals in their natural, protected environment. You may even be lucky enough to witness a hunt involving gannets, dolphins and schools of fish.

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Sea excursions, scuba diving...

Discover the Molène archipelago and its preserved biodiversity on a guided tour by speedboat, zodiac or traditional sailboat. If you opt for snorkeling or scuba diving, you'll be swimming alongside the fish in Europe's largest seaweed bed!

Did you know?

No fewer than 10 lighthouses stand watch in the vicinity, representing a priceless cultural heritage.

stroll in the Marine Park


The Molène archipelago seen from the mainland

The panorama from Corsen Point is incredible. The islands are clearly visible on the horizon, among the lighthouses and beacons, but also, when we're lucky, the dolphins!


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Soak up island life with a stay in the Molène archipelago. Here are our accommodation suggestions for a great vacation! 

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