Fishing at low tide


The Iroise high tides are a must-see experience!

In summer and winter alike, high tides are a time of unveiled landscapes and heightened senses... You've got to see it at least once in your life!


High tide days: changing landscapes

Walking where the sea used to be...

At high tide, I never tire of admiring the waves crashing against the rocks so close to my feet. Faced with this phenomenon, you feel very small in the face of the ocean's power and nature's reassertion of its rights. The sea completely covers the beach, with the curious impression, seen from land, that the lighthouse disappears into the water.

When the sea retreats, a different landscape is revealed: a rocky coastline, stretches of sand as far as the eye can see and the color of seaweed: brown, green and red... And that ever-present scent of iodine that we love so much about Brittany.



Islets that can only be approached at high tide

Beware: a sea that sinks always rises again!

That's the magic of the Pays d'Iroise and its hundred or so islets! Some are only accessible for a few days a month, when the sea is very low. Such is the case of Trielen, in theMolène archipelago, or, from the coast, the island of Yoch.


High tides are also about the sky's distinctive colors, which can change in a matter of minutes, just long enough for me to draw out my camera and immortalize the moment.

High tide in Lanildut

A temporality

Tranquillity... then turmoil

A repetitive rhythm

Once the sea has receded into the distance, the beach becomes unusually calm. You can hear the birds singing again. But I know it's only for a few hours, and that the sound of the waves will cover them again at high tide. People who live by the sea can tell you that they sleep less well on high tide nights... others, that the sound of the waves lulls them to sleep!

Le Four lighthouse


Winter tides: a breathtaking spectacle

Be well equipped!

On stormy days, the high tides are even more spectacular, and it's not uncommon to see the waves wash ashore. Although the approach requires immense caution, it's always an extraordinary spectacle. Sometimes, the foam covers the harbors like snow. If there were only one reason to visit the Pays d'Iroise in winter, this would be it!

High tide in Lanildut


High tides and weather

In Brittany, we say that the weather during spring tides is an indicator for the next cycle. Even if it hasn't been scientifically proven, we have to admit that it's true quite often!


The wind and the smell of the sea

Here and now

As for the wind, it's not like other days. While it's always more or less present on the Finistère point, on high tide days, it's livelier, sometimes more powerful. 


With the sea closer, its scent is more present. The iodized air makes me want to breathe deeply, awakening all my senses and savoring my good fortune to be here and now.

Hiking the GR34 in winter
©Pierre Torset


Fishing on foot during high tides

One of the pleasures of spring tides is fishing on foot. The locals won't reveal their secret fishing spots to you, especially as the preservation of resources is a crucial issue on the coast, and one for which the inhabitants feel particularly concerned. But with a little observation and patience, you should be able to make some nice discoveries and feast on seafood.



Fishing on foot during high tides

With the whole family, fishing on foot is also an opportunity to observe all the flora and fauna that only reveal themselves at low tide, like the moving seaweed that makes funny little noises. You can watch your footsteps disappear, make your way through the puddles... or jump in, on purpose, to get your neighbors wet!

With a little observation and patience, you should be able to make some wonderful discoveries and enjoy seafood.


The fascinating world of algae

In Lanildut

Harvesting kelp? An ancestral activity with a bright future! The Maison de l'Algue, located in the port of Lanildut, presents its new museography and invites you to guided tours and harvesting and cooking workshops throughout the year. 

Visit to the seaweed house in Lanildut
(c) Thibault Poriel
High tides - Iroise Bretagne Tourisme


Between friends

It's a ritual: with friends, we get together with boots on our feet and bucket in hand, to "go with the tide". We often extend the pleasure by having a drink together on the terrace and watching the sea rise. Then it's back home to cook up our finds!