The Carmen storm in Iroise in 2017


Storm in Brittany

The Pays d'Iroise at the westernmost tip of North Finistère is often the first to be swept away by winter storms, combining gales and precipitation. Where can you watch this spectacle in complete safety?

Read the video on Tempête-Ciaran
A storm in Landunvez


Stormy day in Iroise

Whether their name is Diego, Ciaran, Dennis, Ines... the Breton coast is never spared from winter storms.

This morning, the Iroise Sea will show us its other face: white, raging and spraying its spray, leaving us speechless with admiration.

After last night's storm, the wind is still blowing, but it has calmed down. The wind turbines are running at full speed and the clouds are moving across the sky. Between the squalls, a ray of sunshine. It's the perfect time for my "coastal tour"!


The power of the elements

I was right! The green sea is raging. Huge, foam-capped waves break out to sea.

Le Lieu, the beacon at the entrance to Aber Ildut, disappears intermittently beneath the steaming seas. Offshore, the bass is white. The Four lighthouse braves the waves once more. We'll have to wait for the sea to calm before we see a boat venture out of Aber Ildut harbour, perhaps tomorrow?



In the fresh air...

On the beach, sea spray and foam fly as the sand whips across my face. The air is full of iodine and salt, a real bath of energy. My footprints disappear almost instantly. On the foreshore, the gulls play with the waves and the wind - no high seas for them today.

Foam on the beach after a storm
Saint Samson's chapel in the storm
Saint-Samson Chapel in the storm ©Franck Gicquiaud


Our favorite spots

Storms and gales make for a beautiful sight from these coastal locations. Be careful though... 

Storm on the Phare du Four
©Franck Gicquiaud


Ushant Island

Offshore, the islands of Molène and Ouessant and their inhabitants are once again suffering forced isolation. The boats of the Compagnie maritime Penn ar bed were unable to make the crossing today. Mail and press will have to wait. Our thoughts go out to the islanders, who are certainly used to living through these difficult times, and the spectacle is certainly magnificent, but part of the island's life has come to a halt, while the businesses are living off their stocks without a care in the world.

the Créac'h lighthouse on Ushant
A young woman drinks coffee


A well-deserved break

After this invigorating walk, it's time to warm up. In the café, the muffled atmosphere and soft music accompany my wellness break, sheltered from the fury and howling winds. My hot chocolate in my hands, my nose glued to the window, I'm still a little stunned: the view of the Iroise Sea leaves me dreaming.


Gourmet break

Some of my favorite cafés are Le Chenal in Porspoder, L'Auberge du Môle in Lampaul-Plouarzel and Le Bistrot 1954 in Plougonvelin.