Tréompan beach in Ploudalmézeau, a large white sandy beach


Fantastic panoramas

"It's so beautiful here!" enthuse visitors, touched by the generosity of nature in Iroise, its colors and the diversity of its landscapes. From points to protected sites, let yourself be won over by the "oceanic feeling", the sensation of being part of a whole facing the sea...

Molène Island
©Camille Forest


The Molène archipelago

A string of islands and islets

On the archipelago's largest island, it's time for contemplation: the Isle of Molène offers a 4-kilometre walk along the sea to soak up the island environment. A string of islands and islets dot the blue expanse, and birds and seals linger on these resting places... Here, the water is pure: you're in the heart of the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise.

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Iroise Natural Marine Park

The first Marine Nature Park to be created in France (2007), the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise is a 3500 km² protected maritime area, where action is being taken to maintain biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of human activities. It stretches from the Molène archipelago in the north to the Ile de Sein in the south, right up to the limit of territorial waters in the west.


The archipelago's inhabitants

Seals, dolphins, birds... right here, at home.

Will you have the chance to get up close to the animals that live in the Iroise Islands and Sea Biosphere Reserve? Yes... if that's what they want.

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Iroise Islands and Sea Unesco Reserve

The Iroise Islands and Sea Biosphere Reserve covers the islands of Ouessant, Molène and Sein and the surrounding Iroise Sea. Created in 1988, it has a surface area of 100,000 hectares. Biosphere reserves are territories that reconcile the protection of biodiversity with sustainable economic and social development, and encourage scientific research and environmental awareness.

The wild coast of Ouessant


Armorique Regional Nature Park

The islands of the Iroise Sea - Molène, Ouessant, Sein - are part of the Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique, a remarkable 125,000-hectare territory where protection, land-use planning and education initiatives are carried out in favor of sustainable development. This territory also includes the Crozon peninsula, the Brest roadstead, the Aulne estuary and the Monts d'Arrée.


Saint-Mathieu Point

See you at the top of the lighthouse

A life-size mapawaits you37 meters above ground, facing the steep cliffs of our coastline and the all-weather, photogenic Iroise Sea. Take a tour of the lantern: the Kermorvan peninsula, the Molène archipelago, the Crozon peninsula and the Pointe du Raz are all before your eyes. An exceptional panorama!

Saint-Mathieu Lighthouse
©Thibault Poriel
Pointe Saint-Mathieu
©Thibault Poriel


Le Conquet

Promenade aux Blancs Sablons

The Blancs Sablons beach, with its Blue Flag label, is a gift from nature. Its vast expanse of sand between cliffs, dunes and beautiful rollers awaken the senses as you stroll along. Surfers and kite surfers complete the show! The Blancs Sablons dune massif crossed by the GR®34 is classified Natura 2000.

Blancs Sablons beach in Le Conquet
©Franck Gicquiaud
Ria du Conquet
The Ria du Conquet, a bird paradise
Le Conquet lighthouse at Kermorvan
The Kermorvan peninsula.
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Conservatoire du littoral

Since its creation in 1975, the Conservatoire du littoral has acquired several parcels of land along our coastline to safeguard these fragile areas. These protected sites include the Iroise cliffs around Pointe Saint-Mathieu, the Blancs Sablons and Kerjean pond in Le Conquet, the Illien - Kerhornou site in Ploumoguer, the Corsen cliffs in Plouarzel and the Iroise islands (Molène, Ouessant, Sein).

Maritime Armenia


Natura 2000

The Pays d'Iroise has 3 Natura 2000 sites: 1) the Pointe de Corsen - le Conquet site, which includes the coastline, the Kermorvan peninsula and the Ria, 2) the islands of Molène and Ouessant, and 3) the Tréompan dune massif. On these sites, where human activity is possible but regulated, every effort is made to protect biodiversity and the habitats of certain identified species.


Saint-Mathieu, Kermorvan, Trézien

3 lighthouses to visit in Iroise

The Saint-Mathieu lighthouse in Plougonvelin, the Kermorvan lighthouse in Le Conquet and the Trézien lighthouse in Plouarzel welcome you on their walkways along the Iroise Sea. Scan the horizon like a lookout on its foremast: you're on the bow of Europe!  


Corsen Point

At the end of the world

France's most westerly point is well worth the detour. When you reach the tip, you'll be treated to an exceptional panorama! The jagged cliffs, the white sandy coves at our feet and the Molène archipelago off the coast leave you dreaming...

Le Bélvédère de Kerambézec


The Kéramezec lookout

Head to the Kéramezec lookout in Ploumoguer for a trip inland: here, blue and green merge! The highest point in the Pays d'Iroise, accessible to people with reduced mobility, offers a 360° view of the surrounding countryside, the Iroise Sea and the surrounding land as far as Menez Hom!

Aber Ildut
©Franck Gicquiaud

interior landscapes

L'aber Ildut

Sheltered from the wind

At high tide, the Ildut valley is filled with poetry. The sea rushes inland, and it's along a bluish estuary that you can walk, sheltered by the trees. It's soft and so pretty! 


The Saint-Laurent peninsula

Between the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean

The Saint-Laurent peninsula in Porspoder offers pure emotions as you follow its contours along the coastal path, discovering its dunes, breakers and well-kept secrets. A special light floods this fish-shaped peninsula: offshore, the Four lighthouse has stood watch for 150 years.

©Eco-restaurant Le Château de Sable
(c) Thibault Poriel


Penfoul cove

The elegance of the wild coast

The turquoise waters of Penfoul cove are perfect for splashing, diving and surfing. On the tourist road to Landunvez or on the GR®34, you'll be glad to stop and take in this little corner of paradise.


Sunset at Landunvez
©Colin Leroy


Sunset at Landunvez

On the tourist trail

You have to live or stay here to be able to witness this spectacle: the one offered by the sun as it plunges gently into the sea, setting the sky ablaze before nightfall. At night, our sensations change: we strain our ears, listening to the sound of the sea, that great dark mass that awakens our imagination.  


The Tréompan dune massif

Hills and long beaches

Summer and winter alike, the Tréompan dune massif attracts walkers in search of wide-open spaces. Small wild animals watch them, waiting for the right moment to emerge from their hiding places. In spring, nature explodes: rare flowers bloom among the sandy reeds, on carpets of moss and lichen. What a joy to be able to admire them! 

Eugénie Ragot
View of Pointe du Guilliguy in Portsall, sunset
(c) Thibault Poriel


Guilliguy Point

In Portsall

From the promontory of Guilliguy, you'll have a front-row seat to admire the rocks, the charming little port and the color of the water at Portsall. A translucent, turquoise-blue water that maritime safety regulations now protect, just like us, just like you.


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