MTB route n°5 -Milizac-Guipronvel / Saint-Renan

Milizac-Guipronvel Milizac-Guipronvel
  • Distance 29 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Loop
Lake Saint-Renan
Aqua West Park
Lake Saint-Renan
Milizac church

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Discover Saint-Renan and Milizac-Guipronvel through their wooded trails.

There's plenty to (re)discover on the official mountain bike circuit n°5, so go for it!

Mountain biking is a great way to discover sites that mark the history of our Pays d'Iroise! Set off on an adventure on our signposted circuits, which will take you through many of our region's communes.
18 mountain bike circuits guide you through the Pays d'Iroise countryside or along the coast.

Along the way, take the time to put your foot down and read the heritage interpretation panels.

A few rules of safety and good conduct:
- Before setting off, check the condition of your mountain bike and take along a repair kit
- Respect the highway code: ride in single file, wear a helmet: it is compulsory for children under 12 (CSIR of 02/10/15).
- Always take a snack and a drink with you
- Respect private property
- Don't litter, respect nature by using the garbage cans.

The mountain bike topoguide is available from the Iroise Bretagne Tourist Office for €5.

See the bottom of the page for all the activities and restaurants in the area.

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Milizac-Guipronvel, church parking lot

The town of Saint-Renan, listed as one of France's "Most Beautiful Detours", also boasts a number of fine medieval residences, as well as a historical trail that will guide you through the town of yesteryear.
The historical trail features 13 enamelled lava panels that punctuate the discovery of the town. A great opportunity to come back and visit this beautiful town.

What's more, Saint-Renan hosts Finistère's biggest Saturday morning market.

Saint-Renan city tour

In 1957, the Saint Renan marshes revealed a large deposit of tin ore, mined by the Compagnie minière de Saint Renan.

After fifteen years of operation, the deposit was exhausted. Today, seven lakes remain. In the heart of the town, the shores of the "Ty Colo" and "La Comiren" lakes have been landscaped for the enjoyment of walkers.

The smooth waters of the Ty Colo lake were the first in Brittany to host an astonishing board sport: wakeboarding on a cable.

Lakes of Saint-Renan
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