MTB track n°2 - Plougonvelin

Plougonvelin Plougonvelin
  • Distance 17 Km
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Loop
The Vaéré garden
Saint-Mathieu Point
Bertheaume fort

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Official mountain bike circuit no. 2 takes you to some of Plougonvelin's must-see sites: the Bertheaume fort, Pointe Saint-Mathieu, the Vaéré garden, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the islands of the Mer d'Iroise.

Mountain biking is a great way to discover sites that mark the history of our Pays d'Iroise! Set off on an adventure on our signposted circuits, which will take you through many of our region's communes.
18 mountain bike circuits guide you through the Pays d'Iroise countryside or along the coast.

Along the way, take the time to put your foot down and read the heritage interpretation panels.

A few rules of safety and good behavior:
- The coastal path is forbidden to ATVs
- Before setting off, check the condition of your ATV and take a repair kit
- Respect the highway code: ride in single file, wear a helmet: it is compulsory for children under 12 (CSIR of 02/10/15).
- Always take a snack and a drink with you
- Respect private property
- Don't litter, respect nature by using the garbage cans.

The mountain bike topoguide is available from the Iroise Bretagne tourist office for €5.

See the bottom of the page for all the activities and restaurants in the area.

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Bertheaume beach parking lot.

In summer, the Bertheaume fort parking lot will be the preferred location, making parking easier.


The 37-meter-high Bertheaume fort was built around 1690, at the request of Louis XIV, to protect Brest during the War of the League of Augsburg. Vauban installed three cannons and two mortars on the upper platform of the islet to control the Bertheaume cove, where all ships entering or leaving Brest harbor still pass today. A wise decision: in June 1694, an English fleet attacked, but was greeted by a deluge of bombs from the fort, enough to repel them.

Bertheaume's usefulness was no longer in doubt, and Vauban's successors continued his work in the 18th and 19th centuries. Barracks, powder magazines and a perimeter wall were first installed, before the fort, then only accessible at low tide, was equipped with a footbridge in 1835, followed by casemates some fifty years later.

Bertheaume Fort

This little garden, which is well worth a visit, is the voluntary work of a private individual. However, Gaby Quellec opens it to the public and is delighted to see visitors admiring and respecting his plantations. Among the flowers or in the shelter of the foliage, visitors can sometimes discover a small building: a reduced lighthouse, an old bistro or a small manor house. The owner, who has become both a mason and a model-maker, thus introduces a reminder of human presence into his garden.

Jardin du Vaéré

Discover this marvellous "Monument Historique" site: the ruins of an ancient Benedictine abbey, a small chapel, the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse and museum, and the cenotaph.

Pointe Saint-Mathieu
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