An Envor bike tour - Pointe Saint-Mathieu / le Trez-Hir

Plougonvelin Plougonvelin
  • Type Cyclotourist
  • Distance 18 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Vertical rise -2 m
  • Loop

About us

Cycling is an excellent way to get around Iroise, and an original way to discover the major landmarks of our Pays d'Iroise! Listen to your desires and set off on an adventure on the signposted circuits that will take you through many of our region's communes.
4 cycling circuits guide you through the countryside or along the Pays d'Iroise coast (An Envor circuit, Ar Mor circuit, An Avel circuit, Al Lenn circuit).

Along the way, take the time to put your foot down and read the heritage interpretation panels.

The "An Envor" route is signposted in both directions by bicycle direction signs.
At special intersections, the bicycle direction signs for the "An Envor" route have a red dot.

A few rules of safety and good conduct:
- Before setting off, check the condition of your bike and take along a repair kit
- Respect the highway code: ride in single file, wear a mask: it is compulsory for children under 12 (CSIR of 02/10/15).
- Always take a snack and a drink with you
- Respect private property
- Don't litter, respect nature by using the garbage cans
- Please note: bicycles are not allowed on the coastal path.

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Step 1/9:

Departure point: 8 Rue Antre Kéar
This emblematic site on the Iroise coast is home to the GR34, the Iroise Marine Nature Park, the abbey built in the 11th century and the lighthouse built in 1835, the national memorial to sailors who died for France and the semaphore. Starting point for a pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Visit the lighthouse, abbey museum and cenotaph.

Pointe Saint-Mathieu site

Just a stone's throw from Pointe Saint-Mathieu, come and step back in time in this exceptional German command blockhouse. Over 5 floors, discover a museography centered on testimonies and anecdotes, amply illustrated by thousands of objects, documents and photographs. At the end of the visit, enjoy the panoramic view from the kiosks and the roof of the blockhouse, over the entrance to the Brest roadstead, from the Crozon peninsula to the island of Ouessant.

Mémoires 39-45 museum

Gaby Quellec has laid out a superb garden along a stream. During your visit, you'll come across little houses, a mill, a lighthouse, small ponds... A moment to relax and stroll.

The Vaéré garden

This islet, fortified by Vauban, offers an unobstructed view of the entrance to Brest harbor. The first references to Bertheaume Fort date back to the 15th century. Rebuilt at Vauban's instigation, it became a key defense and surveillance point at the entrance to Brest harbor. It wasn't until the 19th century that a footbridge was built to facilitate passage from the mainland to the islet, with a gondola providing access until then.

Bertheaume Fort

Beautiful family beach, with a nautical center for a wide range of activities.

Trez-Hir beach

Partly destroyed in the 1944 bombardments, it has been restored and features a 16th-century flamboyant window. Nearby: the Saint-Jean fountain.

Saint-Jean chapel

In this charming, picturesque, typically Breton village, the old calvary of Pont L'her stands out. Beyond the square, push open the gate to the cemetery, and you'll see an obelisk, a mission cross bearing the date 1873, and the monument to Le Gonidec, to whom the Breton language owes a great deal.

Le Conquet

One of our European Blue Flag beaches. This beach enables visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the sea in a protected and secure setting that complies with European environmental quality standards. Porz Liogan beach also lies along the GR34 tourist route between Le Conquet and Pointe Saint-Mathieu.

Le Conquet
Porz Liogan beach

Admire the panorama of the islands of the Molène archipelago, starting with Béniguet.

Le Conquet
The tourist route
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