Hiking trail no. 7 - The Valley of the Lords

Saint-Renan Saint-Renan
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 9.4 Km
  • Duration 3h
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Walks
Manoir du Curru
Lake Comiren
Golf de Pen Ar Bed

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A former ducal and royal senechaussée, Saint-Renan is now the administrative center of the Pays d'Iroise Communauté. Despite the disappearance of the great fairs of yesteryear, the town still holds one of the department's busiest weekly markets on Saturdays.

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This hike takes in the various lakes of Saint-Renan, the Vallée des Seigneurs and the Manoir du Curru.

- Start - Lac de la Comiren > Yellow - Red
- Lac de la Comiren - Finish > Yellow

At the Iroise Bretagne Tourist Office, you'll find hard-copy hiking maps and topoguides published by the Fédération Française de Randonnée du Finistère.

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DEPARTURE: You can park at the Ty Colo lake parking lot or at Place Docteur Guyader 29290 Saint-Renan.

From 1893 to 1940, the little train passed through Saint-Renan on its way to the coast.
The railway station was located on the site of today's Espace Culture.
Built to support the economic development of the Léon region, the railways soon became the preferred means of transport.

Espace culturel

In 1957, the Saint Renan marshes revealed a large deposit of tin ore, exploited by the Compagnie minière de Saint Renan.
After fifteen years of exploitation, the deposit was exhausted. Today, seven lakes remain. In the heart of the town, the shores of the "Ty Colo" and "la Comiren" lakes have been landscaped for the enjoyment of walkers.
The smooth waters of the Ty Colo lake were the first in Brittany to host an astonishing water sport: wakeboarding, on a wakeboard towed by a cable.

Lake Comiren

Relatively flat with water obstacles, it offers a relaxing challenge and is suitable for players of all levels, thanks to a course that combines the calm and gentleness of the Breton bocage.

Pen Ar Bed golf course

The Curru manor house (Kerru: red house) was built in 1238. Gothic in style, with mullioned windows and a Renaissance fireplace. At one of its crosses, it bore a famous grate known as "La grille du diable" (the devil's grate). There was also a dovecote and chapel. Today, it's a discotheque and restaurant.

Le manoir du Curru
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