Hiking trail no. 25 - The witch's menhirs

Brélès Brélès
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 9.3 Km
  • Duration 3h
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Walks
Manoir de Bel Air
Aber Ildut

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Legend has it that the menhir was stolen from a witch in Scotland.
The furious witch took a second menhir and threw it in the direction of Kergadiou, but her throw proved too short by around 60 metres.

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Along the way, you'll discover the village of Brélès, the menhirs of Kergadiou and the Aber Ildut ria.

- Rue des Quatre-Vents to Le Vern GR > Yellow
- Le Vern GR to Manoir de Bel-Air > White - Red
- Manoir de Bel-Air to rue des Quatre-Vents > Yellow

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DEPARTURE: you can park in the cemetery parking lot behind the church.

Brélès, once a trêve of the parish of Plourin-Ploudalmézeau, became an autonomous parish in 1802, following the Concordat signed between Napoleon and the Pope the previous year. Its church, once a simple chapel, is one of the few in the Pays d'Iroise to have retained its enclosure. A monument in the shape of a triumphal arch marks the entrance.

Iroise Heritage

Church of Notre-Dame de Brélès

The Kergadiou menhirs are located in the commune of Plourin. They date back to 3000 BC. One of them is standing. At 8.75 meters high, the standing menhir is the second-highest in Brittany after the Kerloas menhir. They have been listed as historic monuments since September 25, 1883.

The upright menhir measures 8.75 metres. The inclined one measures 9.20 metres.

Legend has it that the standing menhir was stolen in Ireland from an old witch who, furious, threw a second menhir in the direction of the first. The aim was missed, and the menhir sank into the earth.

Menhirs of Kergadiou

L'aber Ildut is the smallest aber in Finistère.
This aber flows into the Mer d'Iroise, opposite Ouessant.
It is famous for its ancient granite quarries.

Aber Ildut

Located on the north bank of the Aber-Ildut, Manoir de Bel Air was built by François de Kerengar, on land he received when he married Louise de Kerbescat in 1585. Construction lasted around 14 years, until 1599.
Built on a square plan around an enclosed courtyard, its architecture is typical of the fortified buildings of the Lower Middle Ages in Brittany.
Its defensive layout is explained by its proximity to the sea, a source of danger.

Brélès commune

Manoir de Bel-Air
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