Stroll in Landunvez

Landunvez Landunvez
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 6.5 Km
  • Difficulty Easy
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Milin Goz washhouse
Penfoul Beach

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This tour was created by the Mein O Kanan association with the support of the municipality of Landunvez.

On this tour you'll discover wash houses, remnants of the old railway line and a stretch of the GR34 along the tourist route.

At the Iroise Bretagne Tourist Office, you'll find hard-copy hiking maps and topoguides published by the Fédération Française de Randonnée du Finistère.

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DEPARTURE: Car park below the church in the village of Landunvez (29840).

There were two menhirs at this site, but only one remains, probably due to the fact that it is embedded in an embankment.
It is 2.55 m high and 1 m wide.

A surfing and bodyboarding spot par excellence, Penfoul is a large sandy beach framed by large rocks, which reinforce its wild dimension. Open to the sea breeze, it is also suitable for swimming, and will delight lovers of waves and thrills.
Watch out for the rising tide!

Penfoul Beach
Milin Goz washhouse

The great Rennes-Brest railroad arrived in the capital of the Ponant in 1865. For Brest and the surrounding region, it was an extraordinary way of opening up the region, linking the tip of Brittany to Paris. But that wasn't enough. The countryside, much more densely populated than today, also wanted its own train.

The first two sections, Brest-St-Renan and St-Renan-Ploudalmézeau, were completed in 1893. The extension between Ploudalmézeau and Portsall was completed in 1899. The last section, Portsall-Porspoder, was inaugurated on May 13, 1913.

Patrimoine Iroise

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