Menhirs of Kergadiou

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The Kergadiou menhirs are located in the commune of Plourin. They date back to 3000 BC. One of them is standing. At 8.75 meters high, the standing menhir is the second-highest in Brittany after the Kerloas menhir. They have been listed as historic monuments since September 25, 1883.

The upright menhir measures 8.75 metres. The inclined one measures 9.20 metres.

Legend has it that the standing menhir was stolen in Ireland from an old witch who, furious, threw a second menhir in the direction of the first. The aim was missed, and the menhir sank into the earth.

"A lady from Great Britain, who had emigrated to Armorique, had brought back in her silk apron the superb stone that now stands on the heights of Kergadiou. She had stolen the stone from an old witch, who was naturally furious at the theft. It was heard throughout Armorique:

- Ah, your flight won't benefit you! I'll smash and pulverize this stone!

In a rage, she snatched another huge block from within her reach, and with a single effort, hurled it through space in the direction of Kergadiou. Missing her target by a few dozen metres, her projectile would have stuck in the ground as it can still be seen today."

Legend collected by M.Taburet in 1925 and reported by Louis Le Guennec in Le Finistère monumental.

The reality... supposedly: The menhir's inclination is thought to be the work of Christian believers who wanted to evangelize the country and remove the signs of ancient Celtic beliefs. Buried remains and traces of megalithic construction sites have been unearthed in the vicinity.

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Menhirs of Kergadiou

29830 Plourin
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