Hermitage Saint Hervé

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In the undergrowth, the hermitage of Saint-Hervé, built according to the model of Irish hermitages, houses the ruins of a chapel, a miraculous fountain and a stone cell that is said to have housed the saint. There's something mystical about the place, and you're sure to spend a pleasant moment here.

The legend of Saint-Hervé

"Apart from Saint Yves of Tréguier, there's no other saint in Brittany as popular as Saint-Hervé. He was born into a family of bards. Guided by a tamed wolf, according to legend, he led a life of pilgrimage. When he reached a certain age, he looked for a place to settle permanently. This place still exists today in the commune of Lanrivoaré, near the hamlet of Kost Houarné which bears his name. Hervé and his companions headed off into the sunset until they crossed a river called Al Lez, after which they entered a wheat field. Just then, a voice came down from the sky and said: "Stop! Everyone heard it. They set out to find the owner of the field and obtain permission to settle down. The farmer replied: "It would hurt my heart to let such a promising crop go to waste". Saint-Hervé told him: "Please don't refuse. And when harvest time comes, I'll give you much more wheat than you think you're going to lose. When it came time to harvest, two lunar seasons later, the wheat that had been cut while still green and placed in a heap was as ripe as the wheat that had just been mown. Not only that, but the sheaves of wheat, cut far too early, were believed to bear three times more grain than the rest of the harvest. When he saw this miracle, the landowner donated his entire farm to Hervé. And he promised to contribute to the building of a church."

Based on the legend collected and presented by Mikael Madeg, "Légendes du canton de Ploudalmézeau", Editions Embann Kêredol, 2009

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Historic sites and monuments

Hermitage Saint Hervé

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