Heart of the arts

Bigoudène coeur des arts Pottery saint renan
Bigoudène blanche coeur des arts Pottery saint renan
Bigoudène coeur des arts Pottery saint renan
poisson coeur des arts Poterie saint renan
lampe coeur des arts Poterie saint renan

Why take advantage?

A mother of three, I was born in Lyon. Twenty-two years ago, I discovered Brittany. After several years of painting on porcelain, the supports no longer met my expectations.

Self-taught, over the years I've honed my technique with artists Martine Abgral, Eric Pellau and Nadine Bourdin. The positive feedback I've received on my work has led me to develop my activity, which I now see more as a way of sharing.

My creations are a window on the world I discover on my travels. In China, my pieces have found a home at Qingdao Technical University.

I've always mixed materials, so combining mineral and vegetable has become a never-ending search engine.

An invisible thread links me from one piece to the next, from drawing to execution to finishing, I'm like a child unwrapping a present.

Thanks to the Hotel Plaza for supporting my artistic endeavors.

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  • Offers internships

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  • French

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Ideal for : Rainy weather, as a couple, with friends, with children
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Visit the workshop all year round. Initiations are planned from September 2023.


Heart of the arts

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